TNF100:When Things Go Wrong!

19 05 2009

“We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair.” -2 Corinthians 4:8

My supposed to be driver for Sacobia Clark can’t make it due to an emergency in their province and when I was able to find another as his replacement, my car experienced some electrical problems that needs a major overhaul, making it impossible for the TNF100 event. My family can’t make it too. I can’t imagine going to Sacobia Clark commuting with no specific place to stay with a race so tough ahead of me. Going back home is also my concern for after a running a trail run of a 100k, how could I commute when it’s sure that I’m still in pain during that time with two big bags on my shoulder?

One measure of our maturity is the way we respond when things go wrong. If we give in to challenges, we have some growing up to do.

I can still remember sharing this story when I preached in one of the churches in Cavite a couple of years ago, the story of Samuel Hearne. As an Explorer, Hearne who was on an expedition somewhere in Canada in the 1700’s was in trouble when a crucial piece of charting equipment broke. So he had to turn back. Then, thieves stole most of his supplies. Hearne responded in an unexpected way. In his journal, he wrote something like this, “As the robbers had materially lightened my load,…this part of the journey was the easiest and most pleasant of any I had experienced since I leave the fort.”

Back in the first century, as the apostle Paul traveled from town to town proclaiming God’s Word, he faced opposition and desperate situations, and he’s the one who wrote the above mentioned quotes inside a prison bar. He further wrote, “Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say…Rejoice!” Wow, that’ s tough! Admonishing his listeners to be glad even though he’s inside a prison bar, tortured, maligned and in pain. In the eyes of the world, he’s the one in need “to be happy” for his situation, but it’s the reverse. He was the one to say that to the people outside the prison bar. Weird, isn’t it? No. His secret? Time and time again he found help and hope by turning to the Lord.

While I do not have control over my circumstances, I can do what Hearne and Paul did, taking life positively and rejoicing even when things go wrong. I ask God for strength and wisdom and thank Him for working to increase my faith.

God be praised!

Wonders Of Insects: The housefly takes 440 steps to travel three inches, and does it in a half second-corresponding to man running 20 miles in a minute.

“Tough times teach trust.”-selected



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