Are You Exhausted?

20 05 2009

“Beware the barrenness of a busy day.” -Redpath

In today’s fast-paced world, many people with day planners, cellphones, laptops, blackberries, latest gadgets are pushing themselves to the limit.  Runners and athletes, sometimes with furrowed brows and clenched fists, race from oval fields to school meetings to business’  team building-grabbing meals on the run and collapsing into bed at night exhausted.

It seems that we often put ourselves under enormous pressure to succeed and to experience everything we possibly can. When we don’t, we can’t forgive ourselves for failing to measure up to our own expectations.

As I surrendered my baggage for the TNF100 solo  in ROX yeterday, I was enticed to sign up for another races, one is a week  after the TNF100  race, the IE8 8 miler on May 31, 2009 and the PTAA 10k race on June 14, 2009. Take note; If there’s only an available singlet for the Botak100 on June 28, 2009-I’ll sign up too.

As expected, I received many oppositions in our house. “A 10k race after a 100k trail run, Ronnie, Are you crazy? Are you not exhausted?

Exhausted? Physically, maybe yes-but not mentally. While my body has a limited capacity, my mind is always busy. I know when to run and not to run. I listen to my body very well. If I’m not running, I’m playing chess on-line- my rating is 1985, reading books mostly inspirational and do  some crossword puzzles. Read this:

If you’re an adult of average weight, here is what you accomplish in 24 hours:

-Your heart beats 103,689 times.

-Your blood travels 168,000,000 miles.

You breath 23,040 times.

-You inhale 438 cubic feet of air.

-You eat 3  1/4 lbs. of food.

-You drink 2.9 quarts of liquids.

-You lose 7/8 lb. of waste.

-You speak 4,800 words, including some unnecessary ones.

-You move 750 muscles.

-Your nail grows 0.000046 inch.

-Your hair grows 0.01714 inch.

-You exercise 7,000,000 brain cells….feel tired?

Let’s not make our hectic schedules and intense training programs have robbed us of our sense of humor, peace, joy and satisfaction in life.

And my answer to my household?…”After TNF100, I do have 6 days complete rest, and that IE8 8 miler is just my appetizer!”  “You’re really an addict, ” was their reply, and I received a slight spank on my chest.

God be praised.

“When we take time for fun and play, For the rest along life’s busy way.

And when we pause to kneel and pray-we are renewed from day to day.”




One response

20 05 2009

wow! you’re an addict! hahaha.


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