Are You Strong Enough To Withstand Bad Times?

20 05 2009

“Bad times have a scientific values. These are occasions a good learner would not miss.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

TNF100 is fast approaching, and while I do have still time-let me congratulate in advance those brave and courageous souls who will join this event, be it a 10k, 20k, 100k relay and 100k solo. I salute all of you, for you are all authentic and true runners in my sight. The sacrifices, efforts, money and the hardships we put into this event to make it a reality cannot be equaled, and even if you’ll not finish this race, for me, you’re already a winner!

Now, visiting the PUR site, I realized that we’re heading for some bad times out there in Sacobia. With so many things already written about this race by galore of runners-bloggers, with horrific pictures and actual footages, I can only say one thing-brace up yourself, for bad times are inevitable! as I’ve said in my previous post-we’re gonna have a bumpy nights.

Bad times-no one will like it, not even me-but it’s essential and necessary for us to grow and mature. In books and sermons, Christians are often asked whether their faith is strong enough to withstand bad times. I keep hearing about people who drift away from the Lord when life becomes bad.

I can’t blame runners who will DNF this race. There will be many factors why they’ll do it, but for sure, they will not be able to  overcome those “bad times” that will come their way. Based on my past experience, I survived the “bad times” of  BDM102 because I believed in the following:

1.) God-I run for Him and this blog is for Him. All of my strength depends on Him. without Him, I’m nothing.

2.) My training Program-I ran and practiced religiously, rain or shine. I’m prepared physically, I biked, I go to the gym regularly. I maintained a well disciplined life.

3.) Myself- If I will not believe on myself, who will? My real enemy is myself, I have to conquer most of my fears and subdue the demons within me. My mind must be tougher than my body.

4.) True Friends- Not all Advices can be  beneficial, but those advices coming from true and loyal friends helped me a lot. I thanked those people who were not tired in sharing  their thoughts on this blog (No need to mention all of you!) Your wisdom guided me from the start to the finish line.

5.) Angels-so many of them along the way. I’m glad to see and recognize them even though they were  hiding their wings. Without you, maybe I’ll not be able to finish that race.

And so, with only 2 days left before the TNF100, I do pray that those 5 factors I’ve mentioned will  be there not only  for me, but for you too!

Let’s overcome  the bad times ahead of us, for HE that is within us is greater than him who is in this world.


God be praised!

Wonders of Insects: The spider is so well supplied with the silky thread for making its web  that a scientist once drew out of the body of a specimen almost 2 miles  of thread.

“He shall cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you shall take refuge.” -Psalm 91:4




2 responses

20 05 2009

Amen! To God be the glory!

21 05 2009

Ronnie, amen! May God be with you and all the runners this weekend. Please take care.

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