Ghost Of Sacobia!

25 05 2009

I didn’t fail the test, I just found 100 ways to do it wrongBenjamin Franklin

The ghost of Sacobia is still haunting me. I do have sleepless nights and I can still recall those routes, those scenes, and the place where I decided to stop and surrender. I am blaming myself for doing that. I can no longer bring back the time. What made me decide to do such a humiliating act was the thought that, “Ronnie, you have no food at the base camp (km 50), where will you get your fuel and energy for the last 50 kms?” I made a mistake when all of my foods were placed at km 35 and even those foods were not enough to supply me in the entire race. As I ran and walked, that thought demotivated me and gave me my first taste of failure in my 3 year career as a runner.

Nobody likes to fail yet some of the greatest lessons in life are learned through failure. What can I gain from failure?

1. I gain self-understanding. I learn more about myself in failure situations than in successful endeavors. People who eventually succeed after one or more failures are usually better adjusted, less arrogant and more gracious.

2. I learn what will not work. Opportunity often enters through the back door disguised as failure-probably one of the reasons so few people really learn from failure. To move ahead, however, requires a partial amnesia. Many people never rise from the ashes of their failures because they cannot forget. Fearful of failing again, they hesitate to risk trying again.

3. I can move in a different direction. A friend faced failure when his company went broke, so he borrowed money and took a two-week vacation. Sitting on the beach, he thought through his failure and came up with a new business plan, which eventually succeeded.

4. I can see an added dimension to my life-a positive one that also embraces the reality that God has much to do with my life. Countless individuals have failed , then realized that God had been left out of the equation. Understanding the importance of knowing and serving God, they included Him in their plan for the future.

Failure has much more to teach than success. Once you have climbed the hill, there’s no place to go but down; but having stumbled on the climb provides lots of opportunities to advance. It’s what you learn that makes for success.

Lord, I thank You for this failure! I will be a better runner next time, and even if I fail again in the future, still- I’ll continue to serve You. It’s only a material thing and my real treasures are up there!

God be praised!

“In this world you will have trouble, but take heart! I have overcome the world.” -JESUS




2 responses

26 05 2009
The Running Ninja

Look at failure as opportunity. All the races I’ve joined so far were failures because I consider it as an opportunity to learn. I’ve not yet reached a point where I’m happy after a race as I know I need to improve more. I’m sure you’ve learned your lesson and you can improve.

Good thing you’re not injured.

The Running Ninja

26 05 2009
The Running Ninja

Bro its OK. We learn from failures, consider it as a learning tool. It’s better than getting injured bro.


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