Stockings And An Old,Worn-Out Shoes!

27 05 2009

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. Christopher Reeve

The TNF100 separated men from the boys and one man stood valiantly, winning with tremendous endurance and strength. I used to see him and run with him during the Bataan Death March 102k Ultramarathon and in fact, he won also that race in less than 9 hours.

His name was Eduardo Villanueva. I chatted with him for almost an hour when the race was stopped momentarily due to tornado that hit the base camp, damaging the timer and other equipments.

That guy was very cool and simple. I introduced myself to him but I did not say that I’m a blogger too. He told me so many things and I admired him for his simplicity, being down to earth man in spite of his great skills in running. What caught my eyes was that, he was wearing a stockings and a pair of old, worn out shoes. I asked him what was the use of that stockings, he said for protection against lahar and insect bites.

We ended the conversation when the marshal announced that the race will resume immediately. He ran like a wind while I maintained my pace. I don’t know when will I meet him again, his simple message will remain- stockings can be a simple and ordinary thing (and it’s for women!) but it can be very useful during trail run specially running in a lahar country. If I could only think like that!

David killed Goliath not by a spear or a sword, but by a small stone! Ordinary things, often ignored and discarded, yet sometimes can be of great value!

Congratulations  to Mr. Eduardo Villanueva and may you win once again in Ko-ko Marathon in Guam.


Me, Eduardo Villanueva and my buddy Cas in the TNF100 base camp.

Small Beginnings: Coca-cola was first made in the kitchen of an old home. J.L. Kraft was a grocery clerk who started with a capital of 65 dollars to peddle cheese from a one-horse wagon.

God be praised!

“God uses ordinary people just like you and me who are willing to do what He commands.” -Gospel Music




2 responses

29 05 2009
the meek runner

Thanks for sharing Mr. Villanueva’s tips on the “old stockings”, Ronnie.

I read your succeeding post and it’s so disheartening that TNF100 organizers made that proposal for those DNF 100K runners. I do not think it is proper and acceptable as things like that will tarnish the reputation of the race and the runners alike. I hope this will not happen again.

Btw, I still believe in you and in your running prowess.

30 05 2009

to the meek runner…that ‘stockings’ issue was really awesome and congrats for your TNF100 experience.

God bless.

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