TNF:Terribly,Neurotic Fallacy!

29 05 2009

“Inconsistency is the only thing in which men are consistent”. -Horace Smith

The TNF 10k/20k was a huge success, no doubt about it, except the 100k trail run.

It’s been five days after that horrible TNF100 and my first taste of DNF after my 3 year career as a runner. I already accepted it and in fact I ran in the past 2 days and preparing again for my next races. However, my friend Romy who was my companion and who did well only to DNF in the last 8 kms of that race visited me and he shared with me his horrifying ordeal.


Romy, Joe and Cas At the Final Briefing at Holiday Inn, May 22, 2009 @6pm.


With Joe, Romy and Me.


Me, Romy and Joe before the TNF100.

My buddies Cas , Joe and I went home ahead of Romy and it’s only yesterday I did saw him. He said that he got lost, his feet were locked and he almost attacked by four drunk natives. He was fuming mad not only to himself for not making it to think that he has only 8 kms to finish the race, but to the organizer as well. According to him, there were many inconsistencies and volatile decision of that race. Lack of marshals on dangerous areas, scarcity of supplies, unstable buntings/markings (not reflectorized), and the last minute announcement of the new route.

He added:

Unable to walk anymore, he DNF at km 92 but the ambulance/van arrived 2 and a half hours later. If his injuries were serious, he will be dead the moment the ambulance arrives…

At the base camp, those who DNF were given chances to make it, just run a 10 kms in the lahar country, and they will be given Certificates and Plates. There were only about less than ten runners who really finished the race and the rest were given chances just to finish it so it would appear that still many were able to survive that race. Since Romy was injured, he can’t take the offer and he DNF his first ever try of ultra-running.

I don’t know If Romy was only exaggerating but I’ve known him for years and he will not lie.

If he was telling the truth, I think the organizer’s disposition is illogical! Why offer a 10k for those who DNF? If they DNF and affixed their signatures on paper, that’s it! If I still was there, although I’m not injured, I will not run a 10k just to say I was able to finish this 100k trail run. There’s no easy road for ultra-running and If it’s true that they offer it, the purpose was not met and main objective of this race was not achieved.

I’m no longer present at the base camp when this proposition was announced. It was only relayed to me by Romy yesterday. This post is open for all to give feedbacks including that of the organizers’ or any TNF personnel to shed light on this matter. Nothing personal. I deserved an explanation, for I, too was wounded and bruised by that pitiless race. Enlighten me and I will be alright!

Think about this:

Water is elixir for life. The great sea makes one a great believer. We never know the worth of water till the well is dry. What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well. The true peace of God begins at any spot a thousand miles from the nearest land. Water is the only drink for a wise man.

God be praised!

“Consecrate yourself , for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.” -Joshua 3:5




15 responses

29 05 2009

Wow, I’m really sorry to hear that! And if the ambulance took forever to get their, then surely that’s highly deplorable. I hope that Romy is okay. As for your DNF, no worries I am very confident that you would be coming back strong in your future races. Take it easy and God Bless! 🙂


29 05 2009

the proposition is the same as “cheating”.

29 05 2009

ask the “finishline” people about that proposition. that is unfair!

29 05 2009

i am surprised why the race organizer could not publish an official or unofficial result of the 100K race.

29 05 2009

that’s one scary experience for romy.

you were right, the organizer shouldn’t have offered a 10km run to those who DNF the 100km just to get the certificates. para naman mukhang kawawa yun mga runners.

to the runners who DNF, okay lang yan mga brod. madami pang race. takbo lang tayo ng takbo. =)


29 05 2009

Rod…If for example, a runner DNF at km 60 and he was given a chance to run a 10 kms, and that runner accepted the offer, that will give him only a total of 70 kms, and yet the official result will appear that he finished a 100k trail run. That’s really unfair for those who completed the 100k route, and for those who DNF but was not there anymore (base camp). Thanks for the input, bro.

29 05 2009

That’s complete BS! Wow I’ve never heard of anything like that. Makes no sense whatsoever.

29 05 2009

S’ Jovie…I’m surprised too and even if they were able to publish it, the time will never be accurate. When they halted the race (due to tornado), those who were obliged to stop were only those who reached the Aid Stations Or Mp’s, but how about those who were still running in the midst of the forest? it’s unfair for those who stopped. Those marshals didn’t record too the time when those runners arrived at As Or Mp during this period. When we were told that the race will resume, all of us ran at the same time. It should be that the first runner who arrived must be the one to run first, and so on and so forth, but that’s not the case.

I’m very positive (although I have many question marks) when I wrote my first recap regarding this race, until Romy’s story came in. I pity him, for this guy only wanted to become an ultramarathoner, and he can’t understand the circumstances why these happened or why they allow this to happen…

29 05 2009

To Gingerbreadrunning…I understand that organizing a trail run is hard and complicated, but ambulances/van/horses/carabao MUST be there…always in every Aid Stations. No excuses, alibis whatsoever. The safety and welfare of every runners should be their main focus. Thanks for the input.

29 05 2009
meek runner

I read your succeeding post and it’s so disheartening that TNF100 organizers made that proposal for those DNF 100K runners. I do not think it is proper and acceptable as things like that will tarnish the reputation of the race and the runners alike. I hope this will not happen again.

Btw, I still believe in you and in your running prowess.

29 05 2009

bro. ronnie, I didn’t know that something like that happened at the TNF100 (or is it the TNF60?) 🙂 . I admire your integrity, I’m sure anybody could be tempted on something like that “proposition”.

I also admire those people who whole-heatedly accepts that they “DNF” from the race and was not tempted with the proposition, a 100K is still a 100K. maybe coach rio could clarify things on this.

I still believe in you bro. ronnie and you have my admiration. God bless you and hope to see you this Sunday. 🙂

30 05 2009


Parang malabo po yung impormasyon na ito.

Una sa lahat, walang runner na gumawa ng 60km at nabigyan ng certificate at plaka. Nakalabas na po yung mga nakatapos, wala naman sa mga yun ang di kayang tumapos ng ultra marathon. Kung pinatakbo man sila sa saconia ng 10km anung oras sila pinatakbo? pagsimula ng karera ng ala syete? parang impossible yun kasi lahat ng umalis ng sacobia ng alasyete nakatapos ng 100km at magkakasama silang lahat, mula sa base camp. Nakita ko silang umalis dahil support kami sa kanila. 31 lang yung mga plaka na pinamigay sa mga nakatapos ng 100km. At mga hapon o bandang hapunan pa binigay ito, alam namin kasi support crew kami, kami tumangap at naghintay. Impossible yung sinasabi niya dahil kung sampu lang yung talagang tnakatapos bakit inabot ng 20-30 oras ang mga runners na nilalakad ang race course. At bakit meron silang mga times sa mga marshal points. Nakakahiya naman sa mga nakatapos ng karera itong impormasyon na ito.

Saan na injure si romy at 92km? teka muna sir kelan ba binigay yung offer na tumakbo ng 10km sa sacobia para maging finisher? Inanounce ba pag dating ni romy o nung na DNF si romy?

Saan po siya huminto? ng 92km? sa dike o sa uphill malapit sa expo? Kasi malabo po yung kuwento.

30 05 2009

To Endurance… Sir, Maraming salamat po dahil sa wakas ay narinig ko din ang inyong panig..Unang una, un pong tungkol sa 60 kms ay example ko lang sa feedback ni Rod dahil ang pinaguusapan natin dto ay ung tungkol sa 10 kms na pinatakbo kaya nga po malinaw na nakalagay dun ay for example lang…

Hayaan nyo po at kokontakin ko uli si Romy sa lalong madaling panahon para sya na mismo ang maglahad sa pamamagitan ng blogs na ito, (at sya na din ang mag type) ksi ang mga inpormasyon ay batay lang sa knayang sinabi at maaring may namissed akong mga data,pero suma total ay ganun ang pinaka lagom ng kanyang sanaysay, kung pangangatawanan pa nya ang kanyang mga tinuran.

Pwede nyo pong itsek kung saan sya nag DNF kasi meron naman kayong record, at sana namn po’y di sya nagsisinungaling dahil katulad ng aking mga naunang pahayag bago ang usaping ito…ako po ay kuntento sa pangkalahatang aspeto ng patakbong ito…hangang sa sya’y nagpunta sa kin at kinwento ang mga nagyari.

Hindi ko po matatawaran ang mga kakayanan ng maraming mananakbo na nakatapos dahil alam ko pong magagaling sila lahat, at hindi ko kailanman kinwestyon ang mga abilidad nla, ang nakapagpa alarma sa akin ay ng ikwento nya na nagpatakbo na lang ng 10k para sa mga nag DNF. Ito po ay inulit ulit ko sa kanya at tlagang sinabi nya na totoo. Kaya nga po lagi kong sinasabi na, “If he’s telling the truth…”
Malaya po kayong pabulaanan ang kanyang mga sinabi para mabigyang linaw ang isyung ito, Ang inyo pong tugon kontra sa kanyang mga tinuran.

Sir, bagamat hindi po kayo nagpakilala, salamat po sa inyong puna, at gagawin ko po ang lahat para makontak sya at muli nyang isalaysay ang kanyang kwento at sya na mismo ang sasagot sa mga katanungan nyo, dahil nagamit lang naman ang blogs na ito sa kanyang mga karanasan sa TNF100.

Pagpalain po kayo ng Dakilang Lumikha.

2 06 2009

let me correct you, TNF 20 is a failure too. I’m talking about the awarding system. What in the world that age category winners has big prizes then the overall winners?

I thought TNF would improved but I don’t see that in the last race.

2 06 2009

Sorry to hear that Jerry, I thought that ‘chaos’ was only present at 100k.

Have a good day, missed you bro.

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