Can Running Make Us Smarter?

2 06 2009

“The runner’s greatest asset, apart from essential fitness of body, is a cool and calculating brain allied to confidence and courage.” -Franz Stampfl, running coach and author


Look at the center point and concentrate for say 1 minute and look at wall then you are able to see your lover’s face.
Time for concentrating at center point may vary from person to person.This illusion may harm your eyes.So view it at your own risk.

I failed to join the Internet Explorer 8 miler Race last Sunday, due to ‘bed’ weather. It was raining in our place and to get out of bed was really a struggle. Fortunately, I was able to get my t-shirt in advance.



The quality of the t-shirt was not cheap, and I liked the word ‘Unicef’ at the back. Proceeds of that event will go to the Unicef fund and will help some less-fortunate children worldwide.

Going back to the above question, for me, the answer is yes. As a living example, before I became a runner, my online chess rating was a poor 1200+ only. Now, it’s 1600+. There was also great improvements on my opening and moves according to some of my opponents (not virtual). Hopefully and if God willing, I will try to join a prominent chess tournament sometime this year.

I also read an article that running can also sharpen our memory, make us more patient and think clearly. While some unbelievers will challenge us making this one a debatable topic, I believe in my personal point of view that running indeed, can make us smarter!

Running is not only about physical, but spiritual and mental as well.

So if you want to increase your IQ, get your running shoes and run a 5k or 10k today…good for the body and for the brain too.

The Lighter Side:

An old farmer died and left 17 cows to his three sons. In his will, the farmer stated that his oldest son should get 1 / 2 , his middle son should get 1 / 3 , and his youngest son should get 1 / 9 of all the cows. The sons, who did not want to end up with half cows, sat for days trying to figure out how many cows each of them should get.
One day, their neighbour came by to see how they were doing after their father�s death. The three sons told him their problem. After thinking for a while, the neighbour said: �I�ll be right back!� He went away, and when he came back, the three sons could divide the cows according to their father�s will, and in such a way that each of them got a whole number of cows.

The Riddle: What was the neighbor�s solution?

The Answer: The neighbour borrowed an extra cow, to make the total number of cows 18. Then the oldest son got 1 / 2 of 18 is 9 cows, the middle son got 1 / 3 of 18 is 6 cows, and the youngest son got 1 / 9 of 18 is 2 cows. Since 9+6+2 = 17, the cows could be divided among the three brothers in such a way that the borrowed cow was left over, and could be returned to its owner.

God be praised!

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” -Psalms 111:10




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2 06 2009
Can Running Make Us Smarter?

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3 06 2009

Smart and humble thats how I remember you from hs days…but unfortunately you and I belong to diff circle of friends thats why we didnt get to know each other and you were very intimidating at the time- you did very well in Math class each and every time and di mo ako pinansin for 4 yrs haha…its refreshing to get to know you this time, classmate- take care!

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