No Need For A ‘Diet’?

3 06 2009

“Somewhere along the path, running became the canvas upon which I documented my life.”-DAGNY SCOTT, Runner’s World Complete Book of Women’s Running



Look directly at the illustration until
the word Jesus comes into focus.

Bernard is my buddy in running. He is a runner for 5 years now and yet he’s getting bigger and his weight continuous to escalate. That extra baggage hampers his speed, greatly affecting his PR.

He came to me for advise, I told him not to over eat. Not because we are runners, we have the liberty to eat anything and everything on the table. Sometimes, we think that because we run everyday, we have the wrong notion that all the foods we ate will be liquefied and eventually wasted away as we perspire.

While I’m no expert in food and I’m not a dietitian, based on my personal experience, having a well balanced-diet + regular training will yield great result. Yes, we need carbohydrates but too much of it can give extra pounds and can slow you down. Look at the Kenyans and its’ neighboring countries, see their bodies…that’s why they are number 1 in the field of running.

As I weigh myself today, I’m 142 lbs. I need to reduce and I’ll not eat rice for the next two weeks, just fruits and veggies. That will make me weak but I’ll be all right after that, just 2 weeks. I can never achieve the body frame of the Kenyans but I’m sure I’ll be competitive again and I feel good about myself.


I thank God for a 20k today, tempo run.

The Lighter Side:

1. There is a house with all 4 sides facing south. If a bear walks past the house, what color would it be?
” White. A house with all side facing south would have to be on the North Pole, where there might be polar bears, but no others. ”

2. How many times can you subtract 5 from 25?
” Just once, because after you subtract anything from it, it’s not 25 anymore.

3. What two things can never be eaten for breakfast?
” Lunch and Dinner. ”

4. What did the fish say when he ran into a concrete wall?

5. Imagine you are in a sinking boat and surrounded by sharks. How do you survive?
” Just quit imagining! ”

6. Before Mount Everest was discovered, what was the highest mountain on Earth?
” Mount Everest, of course. ”

7.The person who makes it doesn’t want it. The person who buys it doesn’t use it. The person who uses it doesn’t see it. What is it?
” A coffin. ”

8. While some months have just 30 days, others have 31 days. How many months have 28 days?
” Every month has 28 days. ”

9. On my way to St. Ives I saw a man with 7 wives. Each wife had 7 sacks. Each sack had 7 cats. Each cat had 7 kittens. Kitten, cats, sacks, wives. How many were going to St. Ives?
” Just one, me (I saw a man…). ”

10. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
” The egg, since Dinosaurs laid eggs long before there were chickens. ”

11. Is it legal for a man to marry his widow’s sister in the state of California?
” Probably not, since he’s dead. ”

12. What did the instructor at the school for Kamikaze pilots tell his students?
” Watch this closely. I’m only going to do this once. ”

Your life is a gift from God, your actions today will be your gift to Him.

God be praised!

“All of God’s precepts concerning all things I consider to be right; I hate every false away.” -Psalm 119:128



10 responses

3 06 2009
Bong Ortiz

Nice one Ronnie. Just the right advise for an overweight runner like me. The brain teasers are good in the morning, they make you smile, and also think. 🙂

3 06 2009

ronnie, when you asked me what was in my legs that keeps me on running w/out any injuries, i thought of posting my daily meals so that my readers would see my diet. one of these days, i will simply do that. but the problem with us is not the composition of what we are eating but it is the quantity. marami diyan sobrang kumain kaya matataba sila!

4 06 2009

Less calories in/more calories out = weight loss. Law of physics.

All fad “diets” in the world are craps. I don’t believe in them becasue just like in ultra, eating is an experiment of one. Your needs and my needs will always be different.

How is your training for Botak 100K?

5 06 2009

It is very important information about the product you want to buy. So please read very closely the description of the product …

6 06 2009

wow! cleansing diet mode! =)

6 06 2009

Rod…I’m always doing it every time I do have an opportunity, and I’m also a vegan.. Many said I cannot finish an Ultra but I did it.

6 06 2009

Mixblogteam..I’m so conscious about about the trans fat content of any products…God bless.

6 06 2009

Nice input Atty. Jon…and with God’s help, I think I’m ready again for the next Ultra Botak100…see you there!

6 06 2009

S’ Jovie…it’s nice If you could put your daily diet on your site and you’re right in saying that many runners do over eat.

6 06 2009

Bong, as a runner we have to consider also the food we eat..thanks for a compliment…God bless.

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