Unorthodox Running In LA Marathon 2009!

3 06 2009

“Runners are no longer content with fitness but are seeking a new awareness of the self in the total experience of running – and more often than not they are culminating that quest by running an ultramarathon.”-George Sheehan


Try to stare at the center of the image for some time and begin moving your eyes around the outer perimeter you will see a grove changing into a hump as you go around the wheel.It appear to be moving, shimmering, or just making you dizzy!

I am so impressed with the performance of Wesley Korir of Kenya who won the recent LA Marathon. While many great Kenyan runners spent their times training in high altitude, this guy’s style in running was unorthodox, training mostly in low altitude and not exceeding 10 kms a day. This only means that in running, there is no specific rule or program to follow. That depends on your body and you can make your own program as long as you’re comfortable with it. A training program is only a guide. Some will follow it religiously and can produce great result for them, while others like Korir, adapt a new system and that too can be productive for him.

I would like also to congratulate our very own ‘Baldrunner’ who finished strong in that 42k race with a time of almost 4 hours. This guy is an icon already in our running community. Congrats Sir Jovie!

The final race results can be viewed directly on the Los Angeles Marathon website (LA Marathon 2009 Results) and overall winners can be viewed on the Top Finishers page. Los Angeles Marathon Results via Bib Number can be performed there. Top 10 Mens and Womens will be updated on that page.

Wesley Korir of Kenya, wearing bib #14, won the 2009 LA Marathon and the prize challenge. Wesley set a new Los Angeles Marathon course record with an official time of 2:08:24. Tatyana Valeriyevna Petrova, the 26 year old from Cheboksary Russia, won the womens division, with a time of 2:25:59, taking 13th place overall.

LA Marathon Top Three Men’s — Wesley Korir of Kenya, wearing bib #14, took first place with an official time of 02:08:24. Tariku Jufar of Ethiopia, wearing bib #1, took second place in the men’s division, with a time of 02:09:32. Laban Kipkemboi of Kenya, wearing bib #2, finished in third, with a time of 02:10:29.

LA Marathon Top Three Women’s — Tatyana Petrova of Russia, wearing bib #52, finished first place in the women’s division (13th overall), with a time of 02:25:59. Amane Gobena of Ethiopia, wearing bib #58, finished second in the women’s division (16th overall), with a time of 02:26:53. Silvia Skvortsova of New York, wearing bib #55, finished third in the women’s division (placed 17th overall) with a time of 02:28:35.

Since the school opening for College will start this coming Monday, my time for blogging will be greatly affected and I can no longer write regularly, but I will try to contribute at least 3x a week.


I thank God for a 10k today, mostly uphill.

The Lighter Side:

In a marathon race what does the winning runner lose?
Their breath!�

What has holes but holds water?�
A sponge

You answer me, although I never ask you questions. What am I?�
The telephone.

How many bricks does it take to complete a building made of brick?�
Only one, the last one.

What is everything to someone, and nothing to everyone else?�
Your mind.

Big as a biscuit, deep as a cup, even a river can�t fill it up. What is it?�
A kitchen strainer.

What goes up and never comes down?�
Your age.

Your life is a gift from God, your actions today will be your gift for Him!

God be praised!

“Now the Lord is a Spirit, and where  the Spirit of the Lord is, there is victory!” -2 Corinthians 3:17



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3 06 2009

thanks, ronnie! 2009 la marathon produced the fastest time in its history. it’s true, running is an experiment of one, according to dr sheehan. training programs are just guides & in the end not everybody is the same..”all runners are not created equal”. good luck on your next race.

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