The Fruit Of Kindness

10 06 2009


Before anything else, let me thank God for He was so good to me during the past few days that I have the time to always share something new in this blog and your comments really encouraged me to continue.

It’s my prayer that the goodness of God be upon you too, always.

If there is one virtue that I do really want to master, it’s ‘being kind’ to all the people, and I have enormous stories to tell when it comes to this topic. Let me share with you one of my favorites…

It was a very nasty, stormy night at a small hotel in Philadelphia. An elderly man and woman approached the registration desk. Their question was, “Do you have room for us tonight?” Then with a slight pause, the woman briefly explained, “We have been to some of the larger hotels, and they are all full.”

The clerk explained that there were several conventions in town at the time, and indeed no rooms were available anywhere in Philadelphia that particular night. He also pointed out to them that all of the rooms in his hotel were full as well. But the clerk went on, “I wouldn’t feel right about turning you out on such a nasty night. Would you be willing to sleep in my personal room?”

The couple was taken back at the generous offer and didn’t know how to respond. the young man insisted that he would be able to get along just fine if only they would use his room.

The next day as the elderly couple was checking out, the man told the young clerk, “You are the kind of man who should be the boss of the best hotel in the country. Maybe someday I’ll build one for you.” They all smiled at the little joke , and then the clerk helped them carry their bags out to the street to load into their car.

Two years later, the clerk received a letter from the old man. The clerk had almost forgotten the incident, but the letter recalled that night and his kindness. The letter also included a round trip ticket to New York City with the request that he come to be their guest for a visit.

When the young clerk reached New York City, there to meet him was the elderly couple. The old man drove him to the corner of Fifth Avenue and Thirty-fourth Street and pointed to a beautiful new building. It was like a palace of reddish stone with turrets and watchtowers like a castle. The older man said, “That is the hotel I have built for you to manage.”

You must be joking,” the young man said. He couldn’t believe what he heard.

The old man said, “I am not joking.” And simply stood there and smiled.

The young man asked, “Who are you that you can do this?”


The old man was none other than William Waldorf Astor, one of the richest man in the world during his time.

astor hotel

This was the Original Waldorf-Astoria of New York City, the hotel made just to return a ‘kindness’ given.


And here he was, Mr. George C. Boldt, the young clerk with a big heart and he became the first manager of that historic hotel.

Inspiring isn’t it?

As I parked my cursor here, remember this words, “The greatest Joy on earth is to do a good thing in secret and have it discovered by accident.”

Friend, be kind always to all the people specially to those less-fortunate. There may not be so many Waldorfs in our community that can build us a hotel, but at least we made a difference. Like Boldt, let us offer what we have to the needy and someday reap the fruit of our kindness.

Some Updates: I registered already for the Botak 100k Ultramarathon solo yesterday with a personalized race bib number 88. My first option was no. 77 but it was already taken.

The Lighter Side: Inglisch Spocken Here…

This from a barber in Zanzibar; “Gentlemen’s throats cut with nice sharp razors.”

Hotel de Paseo, Mexico City; “We sorry to advise you that by a electric desperfect in the generator master of the elevator we have the necessity that don’t give service at our distinguishable guests.”

At the dining table of a hotel in Columbo, SRI Lanka; “All vegetables in this establishment have been washed in water especially passed by the management.”

God be Praised!

“For God loves a cheerful giver.” -2 Corinthians 9:7




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