The Power Of Perseverance!

10 06 2009

Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged men who kept on working.”-selected.


He was born on a Kansas farm and educated in a simple one-room schoolhouse. The country schoolhouse that he and his siblings attended was heated by an old-fashioned, pot-bellied stove and it was Glenn and his older brother’s responsibility to keep the school’s fire going in cold weather. This they had to do before the students and teacher arrived.

One morning, Glenn and his brother poured kerosene on some live coals still in stove and it blew up! Glenn could have escaped but his brother would have been left behind. The brother had been knocked -out by the explosion. Instead of escaping, Glenn struggled with a rescue of his brother. Both boys suffered terrible burns. The brother died and Glenn, with severe burns over the lower half of his body, was taken to a nearby hospital. The doctor told his mother that his son would almost surely die, hinting at the fact that it might be for the best. If he should live, this son would likely never walk again.

This brave boy didn’t want to die, and to the amazement of the attending doctor he survived. But with all the damages to his legs, the doctor reminded his mother again that he would be a lifetime invalid.

Once more this boy made up his mind-he would NOT be a cripple, not be an invalid, he would walk and run! It looked hopeless- the legs dangled uselessly. He was released from the hospital and his mother massaged those legs after the burns had healed. When he was taken outside in his wheelchair, he threw himself from the chair on wheels and pulled himself across the grass, dragging those useless legs to the picket fence, where with great effort, he managed to raise himself to a standing position. He would then walk around the yard, pulling himself along beside the pickets. Soon he wore a path.

With more struggle, daily massages by his mother, an iron will and determined perseverance he began to stand alone, walk with help, then walk alone. Soon he was running! His goal was to become the fastest human in the mile distance. Soon the sheer joy of running became his life. In college he made the track team and one day in Madison Square Garden, this young man with perseverance ran the mile faster than any human being before him. And who was the burned little boy who refused to give up?


He was none other than Dr. Glenn Cunningham, in his day the fastest human miler!

He became also the People’s Champ during his time, adored by many and was a National Hero in his hometown.


His 5 Statues on display in this busy street.

Friend, don’t give up…you too, can overcome those obstacles by faith to God and perseverance. Nothing is impossible to those who believe.

The Lighter Side: Inglisch Spoken Here…

From a hotel in Moscow; “If this is your first visit to the U.S.S.R, you are welcome to it.”

Notice found in a travel agency in Barcelona; “Go Away!”

A Tokyo hotel has this notice on its elevator doors; “Do not open door until door open first.”

Another Tokyo hotel posted; “Is forbidden to steal towels, please. If you are not person to do such, please do not read notice…”

A butcher in Nahariyya Israel; “I slaughter myself twice daily.”

God be Praised!

“By perseverance, the snail was able to enter Noah’s Ark.” -selected




5 responses

11 06 2009

Hi Sir Ronnie.

Are you persevering the 24 hour endurance walk tomorrow?


11 06 2009

s’ albert,

we have a 120 kms bike tomorrow from St. Peter Laguna to Talisay batangas and I’m hoping to join you some other time.

Take care tomorrow. God bless.

12 06 2009

This story is truly inspiring. It also reminds me about the story of the Charlie Brown creator who persevered despite the many rejections.

21 07 2009


Very usefull info. Thanks!…

13 10 2009
cindy cunningham

My father, Glenn Cunningham, had a deep faith in Jesus Christ. His motto was “Never quit.” He would want you to keep growing, running the prace, praying and witnessing for Christ.

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