PTAA 10k Recap!

14 06 2009


The original plan was that the 6 of us (Ferdie, Henry, Willy, Allan, Rod and me) who will run in this event will rent a van until that unscheduled 9 hours ‘long bike’ last Friday changed my plan not to join. My legs were greatly affected, I do have a hard time walking and running not possible. I should have rested instead of biking to reserve my energy, but I chose an even greater challenge by biking an almost 130 kms and the hardest route was from Talisay Batangas via Sampaloc to Tagaytay City-Silang Cavite-Dasmarinas Cavite to St. Peter Laguna (Read my post:I Survived-A nine hours long biking).

My plan of not joining was not materialized though, when one of my buddies, Allan texted me last night telling me that he can’t be with us for an emergency reason. That will make them only 4 and renting a van with only 4 people to UP Diliman will be expensive on their part, so I joined them not to race but to be with them, gave my share for the fare and watched only that event.

However, it’s hard to see those runners at the starting line while I just looked for them at the sideline. That ‘runner’s instinct’ within me enticed me to join, not to break any PR but just to participate. It’s only a 10k and not an Ultramarathon and I could prevail even with a slow pace.

And so I joined.


With Willie, Me, Ferdie, Henry and Rod. The missing race number 24 was with Allan, the one who can’t join us.





Me… before the race.


A short prayer.

Now for my assessment:


1. Water was stationed strategically, cups with water, marshals courteous and visible.

2. Route was great, those tall trees gave us enough shelter from the sun.

3. Nice freebies, novelties and raffle items. (Unfortunately, none in my group have won.)


1. Chaos at the finish line. So many lines…Line for those belonging to the top 100, line for those who will get a finisher t-shirt, line for those who will get one bottle of water etc….Paging the Organizer, Sir/Mam, Can’t you not devise a system wherein those freebies will be given automatically as we reached the finish line like that of Mr. Rudy Biscocho’s races? Remember, runners were tired already and to stand in a long queue like that will be an added punishment for all runners. I think no runners after reaching the finish line will say that they will enjoy waiting in a long line. We would rather run a little, stretch out and sit down as we change our sweaty clothes.

2. Misleading information for the top 100. My buddies Henry and Ferdie made it to the top100 so they waited standing in a long queue until the announcement was made that the t-shirt will be given only ‘for the first come first serve basis.’ Why the sudden change?

3. Clarifying the word ‘top 100’! Was the 3k and 5k events mixed with that of the 10k? If that’s the case, the percentage of those who joined the 3k and the 5k will be much higher than that of those who participated in the 10k.

Well, I’ll give my final rating once the official result was posted.

I finished the 10k race with a not so good performance, with a time of 59 minutes and 41 seconds, but I’m so thankful to God for still allowing me to finish it below one hour. My body was still adjusting from endurance training (Botak100 solo) and biking thus in a short race like this, I can’t expect good PR. I missed those days when I was able to finish a 10k below 47.

Best PR and worst PR -All the Glory belongs to God.

God be Praised!

“Experience is the best teacher, but the tuition fee is high.” gurli1201 Norwegian Proverb




9 responses

14 06 2009
run unltd.

“However, it’s hard to see those runners at the starting line while I just looked for them at the sideline.”

That’s Ronnie, bow! Hats-off to you bro, its good to meet you at the race. I would have asked you, where’s the bike? (LOL) Good observations too.

14 06 2009

Thank you Vener…it’s nice to be with you again and you’re right…we’re like inside a ‘can of sardines’ at the starting line, while the road was so wide and runners not that so many. PTAA impressed me a lot, if not for those major infractions!
I’m not familiar with the route going to UP Diliman from St. Peter laguna using a bike. If I knew it, I’ll bring it.
God bless.

14 06 2009

ronnie, you are a very strong athlete! a long bike workout & then a 10K race? where is your application of the principle of “specificity of training” there? however, i still congratulate you for finishing the race safely. good luck & see you soon!

14 06 2009

Congratulations on the nice race Sir Ronnie, at least you still ran a sub-60 despite the insanely long bike ride. Thanks for pointing out the pros and cons of the race as well. I also always wondered why they can’t just give it when we finish. The long queue is not a good sight for the tired runner.


14 06 2009

wow! nice recap mr ronnie. ang bilis ah!

14 06 2009

S’ Jovie…yeah you’re right, there’s no specificity of training there that’s why I planned not to run (its obvious for I don’t bring a singlet hehehe) I just challenge myself on the last minute. Biking a 130 kms was like running a 42k race and 2 days later, running a 10k race. Next time, i’ll not do that again!
See you at Milo 42k (right after the Botak100 solo)
God bless.

14 06 2009

gingerbreadrunning,…that’s why Milo organizer beats them all in this area. So many runners in Milo and yet you will not see long lines at the finish line. Thanks for visiting. I’ll add you up in my blogroll. God bless.

14 06 2009

Rod…I may not be a ‘speedy’ runner but I can always be a ‘speedy’ blogger hehehe Add kita sa blogroll ko ha?
God bless.

15 06 2009

2 weeks to go before Botak 100. Better feel rested than overtrained.

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