Blind Man Runs 7 Marathons In 7 Days!

16 06 2009

“On that day, we seemed to achieve what generations of politicians and philosophers have failed to do. With nothing more than our running shoes, we accomplished what all the wars and weapons have failed to do. We were, for a few hours anyway, a community of people whose sameness was more important than our differences.” -John “The Penguin” Bingham on The New York City Marathon

I’m always up to any challenges specially those extremes but when I read the life story of David Heeley, I can’t imagine myself doing what he did….

He ran 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days and take note he is 51 years old and BLIND! Yes brethren, with the help of his running guide Malcolm Carr, this amazing guy conquered what seemed to many an impossible feat. And his disability would not hinder him in achieving his dream.

Let me allow Heeley describes their  adventures:

day 1. Antarctica: time 4:14, “Our fastest, thanks to fresh legs. The course was set by military lads, For two miles we had 50 soldiers running behind us.”

day 2. South America: time 4:45, “Our run in Rio de Janeiro was soul- destroying. It was 90 degrees, humid, raining on and off and we are alone.”

day 3.  North America:time 4:35, “That was fantastic. We around the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles. Thirty runners joined us.”

day 4. Australia: time 4:40, “We around Sydney’s Centennial Park. A few blind runners joined us for a few laps. Afterward, we went for a swim.”

day 5. Asia:time 4:55, “At the warmest point of our Dubai leg, the temperature was 39 degrees, flipping hot. It melted me.”

day 6. Africa:time 4:40, “Exhausting. We ran in Tunis where the last 9 miles  were uphill with a headwind. We were grateful to have only one marathon left.”

day 7. Europe: time 5:23, “We ran the Flora London Marathon. Malcolm had stomach trouble. Without the toilet breaks, we would have been faster.”

-Runner’s World July 2008 Issue page 28


Wearing race bib number 777, Blind Dave with his running guide Malcolm.

Wow…Really awesome! I can do 7 marathons in 7 days but not with a time like that and doing it on 7 Continents will be a question mark-due to logistics problem.

I salute you Sir David Heeley-you’re now one of my inspirations in running.

God bless you.


Brethren, we will win this war! Although we are struggling and sometimes, losing our battle against sins and temptations-we will win because it was written. Just continue in the Lord and fight the good fight of faith.

Today, I will win over sins.

In Jesus Name!

God be Praised!

Surprise, surprise!: Babe Ruth is considered by many Sports authorities and historians to be one of the greatest athletes of all time. Of course he is best known for hitting the most home runs in the season…but did you know he also holds the record of most strike-outs?

“Never Lie, Ever!” -General H. Norman Schwarzkoft



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