Run Like An Animal!

17 06 2009

“We really weren’t meant to run on pavement and concrete. Being on the trail, in terms of how your brain and body react, it’s almost like instinct.” -SCOTT JUREK, seven time winner of the 160 kms Western States Endurance Run


An advertisement in one magazine caught my eyes and the last one liner revolutionized my way of thinking about running. I’m so impressed with it and let me share this with you. Here it goes…

What is about running that scares people so much? Why do people feel they have to put friendly modifiers next to running so everyone can feel good about it? Well, here’s the ugly truth. Everyone shouldn’t feel good about running. It’s hard. It hurts. Running requires sacrifice and heart and guts. Any attempt to water it down with feel-good adjectives is a slap in the face to those of us who still hold running sacred. In fact, if you’re running easy, odds are you’re not running at all. You’re jogging. So do us a favor, don’t run easy. Run hard. Run like an animal! –Pearl Izumi ads

I have a confession to make. During training, I’m not always giving out my best. I’m satisfied with my own pace, jogging, an easy pace enough to finish an Ultramarathon. Sometimes, there is that danger also in joining an Ultra, for I will justify that I’m only after endurance, no need to speed up.

After Botak100 on June 28, 2009…I’ll run again like an animal! There will be no more ‘easy runs’ for me. If it will be easy, then I opt not to run at all!

God be Praised!


Are you wondering why so many people are talking only about profanities, careless words, green jokes, blasphemies and all those garbages? Simply because they feed their heart’s with many of Satan’s dump like pornography, bad tv, wrong movie, dirty magazines, bad books, evil music, wicked websites and so on and so forth. I do pray that you try God’s Word-THE HOLY BIBLE and find real treasures. I am a living example, for I used to love those garbages before, until God changed me. Act now before it’s too late. Remember, your religion can’t save you-you must have a personal deep relationship with God. Accept Jesus Christ into your life now, make Him your Lord, Saviour and Master and see the big difference.

Exposing The Works Of Darkness: In 1967 Anton Lavey of the Church Of Satan in San Francisco, performed the first satanic marriage. The newlyweds told reporters their marriage was ‘conceived not in heaven but in hell.’ A nude woman lay upon the altar and guests threw black rice at the couple.

“Satan has asked for you, that he may sift you as wheat. But I have prayed for you.” -Luke 22:31-32




2 responses

17 06 2009

yes, you are right, ronnie. we should run like animals & we must outrun them, too! that is how our early forefathers did in order to survive. the early “running man” would chase a deer or any animal for his food until the animal is exhausted and could just imagine the number of days this kind of hunting is done without any weapon to kill the animal!

18 06 2009

You may want to read “Born To Run” by Christopher MacDougall and “Why We Run” by Bernd Heinrich. Two amazing books and quite popular among ultrarunners worldwide.

Also, why do I get this feeling your psyching yourself up for Botak 100k next week? 🙂

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