19 06 2009

“We live in the midst of alarms; anxiety beclouds the future; we expect some new disaster with each newspaper we read.” Abraham Lincoln


With the onslaught of AH1N1 in our world today, all of us are afraid and don’t know what to do. Caption from a news segment showed some 33 new cases was established and it’s now everywhere in the country. It’s on the headlines always and people are talking about it every now and then.

It’s a weird thing that man can conquer the moon and some parts of the outer space, can invent modern weapons for warfare and yet, they can’t devise an antidote for swine and chicken flu virus. It’s been here since 1971 known as African swine flu originated in Cuba where they killed 500,000 pigs to prevent the outbreak. However, since then and until now-the pandemic continuous much stronger and fatal than before.

While there are so many factors that can contribute to this outbreak, one thing is sure; Man is liable for being so careless and ‘dirty’ in his environment and Mother Nature retaliated by showing its fury and revenge. While we threw away our trashes elsewhere, Mother Nature returned it to us-now in virus forms!

Pollutants are the residues of things we used and throw away. The unfortunate thing is that as the earth becomes crowded, there is no longer any place to throw away anything and therefore the trash basket of the world becomes the air above or the sea below. The waste disposal process that we have produced clearly has limits. It is important to realize that the winds that ventilate the earth are only 6 miles high. Above this level the air rapidly thins out to almost nothingness by the 15 mile level. More and more we are filling every inch of air space in the limited six mile umbrella that covers the world. Since most of AH1N1 is airborne, it can spread out rapidly, exempting no one.

I can’t imagine myself running with a mask but if it’s necessary, I will do it. We will be running like ninja just because the air around us is now contaminated with virus.

If things will not improve and no effective vaccine can be formulated, then we will be going back to the’ Black Age’ where thousands of people died…


God forbid this to happen, for the sake of our families and children.

Sometimes, God allows this catastrophe so we will return to Him, and in perilous times like these, having a God at your corner brings hope and relief. Why not try Him now and see that big difference?

God be Praised!

Exposing The Works of Darkness: Anton S. La Vey has been called to his delight ‘America’s black pope’. He is the titular head of the First Church of satan. He openly practices black magic and says that there is a demon inside man that must be exercised not exorcised. On some campuses, it is reported the paperback satanic bible is outselling the Bible.




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