20 06 2009

Most things in life are moments of pleasure and a lifetime of embarrassment…. Tony Benn


I can still recall  in one of the  races here in our municipality wherein  there  was  a scandalous moment when  the Organizer announced the list of wrong winners. The supposed to be 2nd Place winner became 4th and the 3rd now ranked 2nd. Upon investigation, it was found out that the time keeper and one of the marshals at the finish line was a relative of that 3rd placer and he manipulated the system. What a scandal!

For the last few weeks, another  scandal involving prominent people was an instant hit and it’s now a word of mouth here and abroad. Some sympathized with them, few condemned them while others just do not care. This scandal can make or break those persons involved but living in our present world, I think this will come to pass and these people can live a normal life while some will remain as prominent as before. Nothing will change because sometimes our society just embrace it as a no big deal and it’s a socially accepted norms.

Today, there was a mistaken idea that if you have multiple partners, you’re ‘in, a real gigolo, an epitome of a genuine machismo’. In fact, my friend used to tell me candidly that, ‘how he wished he was that man in the video, for majority of people envied that guy. Imagine, those beautiful girls and still many popular, gorgeous women to follow. This guy was too lucky.’

While I don’t have the right to justify or condemn that scandal, I think I can only speak based on what I knew; God loves the sinner but hates the sin!

Let me prove my point:

Many years ago, there was this guy who have so many achievements and impressive  epitaphs  under his name:

1. A gifted poet, composer of many songs.

2. a great soldier.

3. killer of a mammoth warrior.

4. a handsome, lean and mean athlete.

5. a God fearing man.

6. an excellent President.

but wait… he committed a scandal privately!

He slept with another man’s wife and then engineered a cover-up that led to the untimely death of the wife’s husband.

The result: Chaos and turmoils happened later, he was dethroned, his son chased him for his life. He was spared but his son died a tragic death. His entire family suffered the consequences of that scandal up to 3rd generations of his lineage.

David, the man who killed Goliath, the greatest President of Israel, the gifted musician, a real gigolo, the man after God’s own heart…learned the hard way. He repented, turned from his sins and God restored him. Later, this verse described, “And David became more and more powerful, because the Lord Almighty was with him.” -1 Chronicles 11:9

God won’t tolerate sin. It maybe pleasurable for a moment but its lasting effect will be painful and bitter.

Next time you’re tempted to be involved in any scandal (or any sins), think many times. There’s always an EYE watching over you and there are no hidden things before Him.

It’s nice to live if you have no guilty feelings  in your heart. Life is short and it’s unwise to live foolishly.

God be Praised!

Exposing the works of Darkness: Satan worshipers have broken into churches  in Florida and performed ‘sexual black masses.’ The incident included turning crosses upside down, ripping Bibles apart, spilling baptismal water and generally ransacking the church premises. Some property was also stolen.

See you in Botak100 Carbo Loading this coming June 26, 2009.





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20 06 2009

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