The Pain And Glory Of Botak100 Solo!(Part1)

28 06 2009

“Lord, You are my rock and my fortress.” -Psalms 31:3


Arriving the area at 11pm, June 27, 2009





At the starting line, 12:30am.


Race Director as he delivered brief message.


With Ralph and Albert (RUND2DMOON)


Already ran a 52 kms at this point.


At Km 55.


At km 70


At the Marikina Riverbanks…


Reaching the Finishline just before the cut off time of 18 hours. Ohhh how sweet! 25th over all, out of 70+ runners…with a time of 17 hours 22minutes and 20 seconds. And my 2nd out of 3 Ultramarathons this year in 3 succeeding months.

Next Topic…My Recap, the pain and glory for this race.

God be Praised.




14 responses

29 06 2009
Caloy N (#23)

Congrats!!! Galing…Missed the fun…will you be running Milo next week as you’ve planned? After Botak 42, this is my 1st official race. Kitakits! For now, savor the victory. God bless & God speed!!!

29 06 2009

Hi Ronnie. God be praised! Congratulations to you and all the ultramarathoners.
I’ll wait on the next post. Take care and get some rest!

29 06 2009

Congrats Ronnie!

29 06 2009

Congratulations for finishing another ultra. Yup, you’re right. It is both painful but glorious!

Much can be said about the race. Instead, let us celebrate our common achievement among brethrens in the ultrarunning community. Mabuhay!

(P.S. It feels really good to sleep for 10 straight hours which I haven’t done in a long time.)

29 06 2009

mabuhay ka ronnie!

29 06 2009
Luis Arcangel

Sir Ronnie, I can just imagine the agony you must have gone through. As I found out for myself, it was all worth it. I settled for the distance I had signed for, 50 k, as cramps in both legs and tremendous pain in both knees deemed it prudent that I call it a day. If I had the hardest, toughest day of my life, I can just imagine what you went through. Thank you also for the words of advice and encouragement you had given me along the way. God Bless sir, congratulations to a well-deserved finish! 🙂

29 06 2009

If on Friday, my wound heals and blisters disappear, It’s a go for Milo 42k. Thanks for the call. It’s nice hearing your voice on the other part of the line. Thank you.

29 06 2009

Wayne, thank you. All I did the whole day was sleep, eat and sleep again. God bless.

29 06 2009

Thank you Cecil. Take good care in your Milo Laoag half marathon.

29 06 2009

You’re too strong for me Atty. Jon. I wish someday, I can pace up with you so that we can have a nice chat for me to be able to know you better. Thank you for your offer of help. Can’t forget it. God bless.

29 06 2009

Nice achievement too Luis, a 50k is considered to be an ultra-marathon already. Just have patience, some other time, you too can conquer a 100 kms…God bless.

29 06 2009

Thank you Jonel. We missed you out there. I was with the company of Isko, Abet, Albert in the first lap of the race until I maintained my own pace.

See you in Milo 42k if I’m already ok.

6 07 2009

Great post!

6 07 2009

Selevams…thank you. God bless.

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