Botak100 Solo:Race Report!

1 07 2009

You know criticism when you get into this business. You accept the bad with the good, the tabloids and the positive side of it. Carmen Electra

Three days after that grueling 100k Ultramarathon, the first ever held in Metro Manila, I can still feel the pain on both of my legs, some blisters turned into wounds, my entire body ached and I do have difficulty in walking. For three days, i did nothing but to sleep, eat and constantly applying the RICE principle (Rest, Ice, compress and elevate). But in spite of those traumatic experiences, I’m so happy, satisfied and overjoyed for I came out victorious and triumphant during that 100k event.

It’s my turn now to give my assessments and feedbacks for this race, the negative and the positive sides of it. And  voice out some of my suggestions so that in the future Botak’s Ultramarathon, those minor/major infractions can be minimized, if not totally eradicated…

Negative Side:

1. Some marshals were no longer visible in some parts of Marikina and there were reports that a handful of runners got lost. Also, in the last stretch inside UP Diliman, there were no more markings or directional signages. Some 5-6 marshals grouped among themselves but none was manning a critical crossroad where directional signage was no longer present.

2. That drinking water at the Tumana Bridge was contaminated with small dark particles. This caused my abdominal pain and stomach trouble in the last 40 kms of this  race. Also, at km 90, there’s no more water station.

3. No km. posting in any  Aid or water stations. Even marshals don’t know how many kms. were there or how many kms we’ve ran already.

4. Finisher’s Certificate must be personalized since this was an Ultramarathon event. If you can do it in our singlet, I think it’s  possible also to apply this  in our Certificate.

Positive Side:

1. The support of Military personnels in the first 50 kms of the race was exemplary. There was this policeman in his motorcycle who was with me for about 10 kms and after that, another group of policemen inside roving car  guarded me for maybe about 15 kms or so. There were also plenty of bikers who escorted us.

2. The Water Stations in every 10 kms were remarkable. In my past Ultras, water stations were placed in every 20 kms. Maybe someday, a generous Organizer can put up an Ultramarathon where there’s a water station in every 7 kms.

3. There’s a band of musicians at the 50 kms mark, to welcome those who finished their first ever 50 kms.  as a runner and to inspire those who will continue the last stage of the 100km mark. The Burgersteak served at the finish line was timely.

4. The race started  just in time. The CEO of Botak Sir Cesar Guarin, the pioneer of Ultra-running here in our country was very supportive. He was there 24/7.

5. group invigorated this event when they presented a unique Aid Station at km. 80. Thank you guys/gals for the assistance. Nice to meet all of you.

5. Project Director Christian Alacar, Race Director  for Ultramarathon Neville Manaois and the rest of the Team did a wonderful job. Hoping to be with you again guys in the future Ultramarathons.

I will not give yet my final rating until the official result was posted. But the race this time was well organized compared to your previous events.

And to Neville who approached me right after I reached the finish line and asked me some questions pertaining to that race, you did a great job out there bro! To Ian, who’s always smiling even in  the midst of pressure, this race was a success. To Sir Cesar Guarin, who was ‘too low profile’ in spite of  galore of  achievements, you have my respect from now on. I just forgot to have some photo ops with you.

Let me share with you these pictures grabbed from Pinoy Ultrarunners website. These stolen shots were taken while I’m not ready for some pictures. I maybe frowning. And when I reached the finish line, I’m so tired!


Time is gold. Eating a M’c Chicken with rice while briskly walking!


As I reached km  50 mark, I’m preparing to wear my arm jacket when this stolen shot was taken.


And finally, the actual moment when I reached the finish line. So tired you can see it on my face but after this shot, we have a great celebration with the Fiesta Boys later, while eating ‘the most delicious’ burger steak.

Thank You Lord. Once again, all the Glory belongs to YOU.

God be praised!




12 responses

1 07 2009
Bong Ortiz

First of all, praise God for you finishing another ultramarathon without any major injuries. Congratulations, you so deserve this achievement because you trained and worked hard to attain it. Take it easy and enjoy some quality time to rest.

1 07 2009

Sir Bong, thanks for the advice. I will. I’ll spend some quality time at the beach. There will be some running too but leisure run only hehe God bless.

1 07 2009
run unltd.

Congrats, Ronnie.

1 07 2009
tom balibag


just a letter of concern…

while waiting for a ride to GIG run, i came along with guy from laguna who will run in botak 100k, but the guy is running under the 10k and another fellow GIG runner under the 5k. we took a taxi drop the laguna guy at the botak 100k starting line.

the poor guy from laguna, he didnt know what hit him when he was inform that there was no 10k run. (imagine traveling way back from sta. rosa to up diliman, sana sa GIG run na lang sya tumakbo)

my question is: well inform ba ung mga runners na naka registered sa ibang categories na cancelled nila?

i have noting bad against botak, nabagabag lang ako sa pinagdaan nung mamang taga laguna.

tom balibag

2 07 2009
Passion Runner

Congrats Runnerforchrist! 🙂

Hope to see you again.

To Sir Tom,

From what I know, the people from BOTAK informed all the participants by text and/or email that the 10mi, 5mi, and 1mi events were pushed back to August. It’s either your friend did not have a contact number or the message did not get through. From what I know also, BOTAK placed announcements in,, and a number of other sites. It’s very unfortunate that you friend went there only to find out that the race was postponed.

If you have his contact details, please send them to me at or so that we can give our personal apologies to him and perhaps give him something to make up for the mishap. Thanks

2 07 2009

Congratulations sir! Ultramarathon is getting to be just another run for you.. 🙂
Keep on running and inspiring more runners. God Bless!

3 07 2009

ronnie, from all the runner-bloggers who ran the 100K & 50K solo runs, i’ve never read any confirmation from their Garmin watches (if they are using Garmins) if the distances for the races are GPS-certified 50K or 100K. if PATAFA had certified & measured such distances, i am sure one or two of the runners would be using a Garmin watch & had registered the distance they had covered. i am just wondering why i don’t read any confirmation of the distances from Garmin users.

3 07 2009

Thank you Vener…God bless you.

3 07 2009

Hi Tom…I’ll call the attention of the Organizer regarding this. Thanks for the visit. God bless.

3 07 2009

And here’s the reply of the Organizer…

3 07 2009

Hello Ian…running a 100k is better than 10x 10 kms race. The feeling was great for you knew that you’re physically fit and your ‘endurance’ level was extra-ordinary. Thanks for the visit. God bless.

3 07 2009

That’s the first thing I asked to S’ Neville when I reached the finish line because I thought that the distance was more than 100 kms. I’m using a Timex HRM only and there’s no way I can find out if the distance covered was accurate. Good point Sir.

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