Lessons Learned In Botak100!

4 07 2009

“Tears streamed down my face as I crossed the finish line. I was a new person, a runner.” -Thomas King, Novelist and Broadcaster


1. Always have an extra-shoes but choose your sneakers wisely. In my case, wearing an Adidas shoes for the last 50 kms proved to be not effective for it hurt my feet. (Sorry Adidas, I’ll still use you but in short distance only)

2. If you can’t bring a vehicular back-up with you, put your extra-socks inside dry bag or plastic bag.

3. In any water stations, inspect first its water content before refilling your hydration belt/bag.

4. Follow your ‘eating’ program strictly. Just because you’re not hungry doesn’t mean you’ll not eat anymore.

5. Change your singlet twice or thrice during the entire race.

6. Maintain your own pace. Don’t be tempted to run with a group stronger than you are. Start slow and finish strong.

7. Greet every runners as much as possible. It’s a long event and you need them to finish this race. You’re not competing against them, but your own worst enemy is you.

8. Have a vehicular support with you and bring all your needs. Things like hot soup, grapes, oranges, singkamas, green mango-just to eliminate those ‘sweetness’ in your tongue palate brought about by eating too much sugary foods like chocolates, power bars/gels.

9. Pain is inevitable but it should occur only at km 35 or at more than km 35. If at km 50 there’s still no pain, then you’re so fortunate.

10. Make every effort to win more friends. While ultra-running is not full of fun  specially if you’re at km 80 already, your new ‘running’ friends will make that race enjoyable and exciting.

Update: To all who will join the Milo race tomorrow, God bless you all. I’m still 50-50 for Milo’s 42k. While my wounds were already healed, my right foot was still slightly swollen….

I biked yesterday and today one hour each.

Exposing the Works of darkness: People are anxious to know what lies ahead, good or ill, and they are willing to pay for predictions. Palm readers, psychics, numerologists, and other assorted diviners all have devout followings, as do Quija boards, the I Ching, and even the lowly tea leaves.

God be Praised!





2 responses

4 07 2009

nice lessons learned. i hope more runners will advance to the ultra running level. more runners are going to the ultra level because of the closeness and camaraderie of every runner. hope to see you soon!

4 07 2009

Thank you S’ Jovie. Wish you all the best for tomorrow’s Milo marathon…

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