Ain’t No Good, But I Feel Good!

5 07 2009

God whispers in our pleasures, but shouts in our pain. C.S. Lewis (British Scholar and Novelist. 18981963)


Milo 42k Race Report Part 1

My 4th 42k was established earlier today-but it was achieved painfully!

From the start of this race, I do have second thoughts. Still fresh from Botak 100k Ultramarathon last Sunday, my legs were beaten severely, with some minor wounds, blisters and swollen parts- I, with my strong desire to join Milo 42k, decided to take again another risk.

I conquered once again but I cannot forget this day. From km 0 up to km 42, I’m in much pain! I just reminded myself that I came there not only to conquer places but to subdue my pain.

At km 32, the marshal saw how bad my condition was-he advised me not to continue anymore. He said that the cut-off time of 5 hours will be implemented and as I saw my watch, I’m already running a total of 4 hours and 45 minutes-with still 10 kms to go. Even If I reach the finish line, my name cannot be listed on the race result. I thanked him for his concern but I told him I will continue this race. Even if I arrive at the finish line in 6, 7 or 8 hours and there’s no more people or race Organizer present  in the area to witness my arrival, I will continue.

I can bear the pain but there’s another pain that’s so hard to accept specially if you’re running fair and square- there were so many cheaters in this race! They aspired so much to beat the sub-4 performance so that they can get a nice overall Adidas singlet and a chance to join the elites in the Milo Finals in November 2009 but they failed greatly in terms of integrity.

Some of the modus operandi  of these cheaters are:

1. Two runners will divide the 42k, with only one race bib number. As the first runner approached their ‘meeting place’, he will pretend to ‘pee’ somewhere else as the 2nd runner  waited for him. He will give then the race packet to the second runner, who with still fresh legs can run like a wind to the finish line beating the 4 hour mark.

2. After getting the 3rd and last band necklace, somewhere along BHS, a runner will take a taxi ride all the way near to Quirino grandstand pretending to be running slowly.

I have seen them today, unfortunately, I was not able to camcord or take a shot of them so that I have basis.

To those cheaters-You know who you are-you will not prosper! You’re only deceiving yourselves.

I reached the finish line in 6 hours and 14 minutes, some 14 minutes higher than I have set. I almost crawled  literally to reach it with no more timer and  medal. But I feel good about it-for once again-I,  not only conquered places and distances, but I was able to conquer my pain and those cheaters around me.

God be Praised!

> Thank you Ultra-runner Isko (CAMANAVA group), for being with me from km 0 to km 17.  Nice knowing you better and I learned a lot from you.

> Congrats Henry de Castro, my buddy for making it!. Your time of 3.47 was awesome. I’ll feature your story here sometime this week.

> To Ultra-runner, Dennis Enriquez, congrats  too for your time of 4.56 and to his fiancee Neri, who also ran the race today.





20 responses

5 07 2009

that sir, is a true display of dedication. i also ran in the full marathon so i knew just how hot it was during that time. lalo na po siguro nung mga tanghali na. as for the cheaters, as you said, the only ones they’re cheating are themselves. the greatest kind of satisfaction after all from running the marathon is self-satisfaction, and they would have none of that.

5 07 2009

I don’t know how those cheaters can look at themselves in the mirror everyday? Doesn’t it tear at their hearts that they’ve not run the full race?

Thank YOU for running the full race..not just the physical one, but the race after the prize of your high calling, seeking the Lord, and fixing your eyes on Him! I pray the Lord will strengthen you to complete every race you’re in, including the daily one which the Lord sees in secret–and will reward openly.

Blessings, Linda

5 07 2009

Hi runnerforchrist, dropped in from Your blog is inspiring ! Can I add you to my blogroll ? Congrats. on finishing 100KM and back to back Marathon full distance.

5 07 2009
run unltd.

Congrats for finishing the race, Ronnie. Your courage is simply amazing. God bless you and good to see you at the finish line.

6 07 2009

the cheaters and thieves will ultimately destroy the sports we really love & care. i really salute you for being a consistent finisher in all the races you joined. you are a good example to our runners and your attitude is worthy of emulation. the finish time is not important but what matters most is the fact that you finished what you started. that is the essence of what we call “life”. it was nice seeing you along the route. good luck & hope to see you in future races.

6 07 2009

Wilson, congrats for your PR. God bless you.

6 07 2009

It’s an honor for me sandrunner, I will add you too in my blogroll. say hi to me when we meet at the races. God bless.

6 07 2009

Linda, your words are really ‘heaven sent’. It’s full of wisdom and admonition. Thank you for being a regular contributor of this blog…It’s something I will cherish. Regards to your family and say hi to our Church out there.

6 07 2009

Hats-off to you Vener for making it in a sub4 performance. Thank you for waiting for me at the finish line.

6 07 2009

S’ Jovie, I’m really disappointed upon seeing those thieves and cheaters along the route and I can’t believe it too, for some of them are considered to be an ‘elite.’ may the good Lord bless them too! They don’t know what they are doing. They can deceived Milo’s Organizer and marshals, but not the One who can see everything! They will give account, if not for this life, in the life to come. It’s bad we were not able to chat even for a moment…And nice to have you back here once again.God bless.

6 07 2009

mabuhay ka ronnie!

get well.

6 07 2009

So precious…mind over body.

6 07 2009

congrats mr ronnie! i saw you along lawton ave. and it hit me.. “kakatakbo lang ni mr ronnie last botak 100, ah?” bilib ako sa iyo, boss!

yup, there were cheaters. i saw this “runner” along baywalk when i returned after i finished my 1st full marathon….

i even asked, “kaya pa?”

then when i saw our support group, one of the bikers told me that he saw this “runner” taking a bus along rcbc tower.

we were talking about the same “runner”.

this “runner” DNF’d . but we saw a picture of the said “runner” with a medal. =(

6 07 2009

hats off!

6 07 2009
Bro J

Congrats bro, once again you have given our God glory and honor! You truly deserve to be a runner for Christ. God bless you bro! Hope to really meet you personally.

6 07 2009

Hi Rod, how tragic. Things like these should never happen again, for those by-standers will think ‘runners are cheaters’, thus we cannot entice them anymore to join this sports….

6 07 2009

Bro J…so little time to serve the Lord and let’s make every opportunity to give glory to Him. I do really wish to see meet you in person!

God bless you.

6 07 2009

Jerry, we missed you out there! Hoping everything is going well with you. God bless.

6 07 2009

bro. ronnie, what matters most is that we finish the race. you’re still an inspiration to many, God bless you indeed. 🙂

6 07 2009

Let…like in the Christian life, we must finish the race set before us. God bless your family always.

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