Milo 42k Images,Thank You!

5 07 2009

“I am envious because I have no shoes, until in the street, I’ve met a man who had no feet.” -selected

Milo 42k Race Report Part 2



This guy was awesome, 3.47 in his first try for this event. My buddy all the way from Laguna. Congrats to you-Henry de Castro.


I arrived 5 minutes before the race started…



At the finish line 6 hours and 14 minutes later.




Medal borrowed from Henry. Just for photo ops.


Henry waited for me until I reached the finish line. Thank you bro, without you I don’t know how to commute going back home-for I can’t walk normally. I salute you for this, and I owe you one.

Well let me say my utmost appreciation for these people who made this marathon possible for me:

1. Those well wishers-while running in my comfortable pace, I heard some runners and watchers yelling,’ go runnerforchrist.’ That made me to continue in spite of pain, for I knew I was carrying His name.

2. Ultra runner Francisko Lapira aka Isko- my classmate in BDM102, TNF100 and Botaka100, as I’ve said in my previous post, he was with me until 17 kms of this race.

3. Bert Rodillas-my yoga teacher who’s advise cannot be denied and untiring visit in my place every time I conquered different places.

4. Ultra runner Julius Giron-while biking, he offered his assistance if he could carry my belt bag all the way to the finish line, to lessen my load. I did not allow him, but I can’t forget your intention of helping me.

5. Sir Jovie, who gave me a ‘high 5’ along the route; Jonnel, George, Ralph, Jun, Caloy, Ian (Seabiscuit), Camanava support group for a cup of gatorade, Sam, Denz, Vener-who congratulated me at the finish line, congrats bro for making it too at sub 4, and to all my classmates in the BDM, TNF and Botak-just seeing you in the race inspires me. We belong to the same kind of breed- Addict! (lol)

6. group at the finish line (Jin and Que), thanks for the support and applause.

7. To all my prayer partners in the church.

8. To those unknown good Samaritan people along the way

9. To Mr. Rudy Biscocho and his team for again another job well done.

10. To You, Jesus Christ-my real Hero and Master!

God be Praised!





18 responses

6 07 2009

Hey congratulations!

6 07 2009

Ronnie, congratulations on something that I don’t believe I could ever do and that is completing an ultra and a marathon back-to-back. Praise God that you’re okay although I’m sure you’re a bit sore today. Also, the many friends that you have there is………….priceless!

Take care my friend!

6 07 2009

We missed you out there! Thanks for the visit.

6 07 2009

Wayne, years from now I’ll look back to what I did and some will say that, ‘that’s crazy’. But I’m happy that I did it.Thank you my dear friend for your visit. God bless you always.

6 07 2009

Hey Ron, is there a flash override on your camera or do you eschew strobe as a matter of taste? Your night frames are almost uniformly dark, even at pointblank range.

Congratulations on your successive ultra/marathon weekend finishes.

6 07 2009

Thanks Cecil for the feedback, I’m only using a lowly Nokia N70 and maybe I was not able to activate the night mode selection on my cp. I have also a camera but when I’m in any races, I’m comfortable with my cellphone, dual purpose placed inside my New Balance Hydration belt. God bless bro.

6 07 2009

Hi Atty Jon, I’m looking for you hoping you will join there too. Congrats again for your amazing feat, top 5 with 11+ hours in our botak 100. Truly, an elite! god bless.

6 07 2009

ronnie, with the look on your face at the finish line, i know you were satisfied to finish the race. the time is not important. as i said, don’t quit in a marathon race!

6 07 2009
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6 07 2009
king del rosario


6 07 2009
Bong Ortiz

Wow! An ultra marathon and marathon back to back. How are you able to accomplish these incredible feats Ronnie? Congratulations and have a well deserved rest.

6 07 2009

King…thank you for dropping by. God bless.

6 07 2009

Bong…not even in my wildest dream lol. I just think it can be done and with HIM all the way, I was able to finish it. God bless.

6 07 2009

S’ Jovie…I almost quit. thank God I persevered and conquered not only places and distances, but pain and those cheaters all the way. God bless you.

7 07 2009

can’t figure out where you get your drive and energy from. Running ultramarathons and marathons in consecutive weekends. You guys are truly of different breed.. keep on running and inspiring… see you around!

8 07 2009

Ian…Isko and I made the decision to make that 42k our recovery run prior to Botak100 event. Thanks for visiting. God bless.

8 07 2009
ndorphin junky

you are an inspiration to newbies like me, doing 100k botak back to back with milo 42 !!You lift up His holy name with your awe inspiring feat!

9 07 2009

ndorphin_junk…thanks for those uplifting words.Doing it with God’s help is not impossible. All things are possible to those who believe…

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