You Can’t Cheat The Public For Long!

7 07 2009
~ He that’s cheated twice by the same man is an accomplice with the cheater – Unknown


My title for today was taken from a quote by ‘Tennessee Ernie Taylor’ and now I’ll be dealing with this sensitive issue… ‘cheating.’

As a devoted runner, I must protect this sport from some unscrupulous individuals who’s only intention was to cheat and to deceive many. While it’s complicated subject, I will begin by giving out some suggestions on how to minimize if not totally eliminate the occurrences of cheating in any racing events, and hopefully, some Organizers will listen and take heed so that we can shield this sports we love from those unprincipled runners.

How will you react if you’ll hear someone said things like this, “I don’t believe those runners can finish running a 42k, for I saw someone took a bus drive all the way near the finish line!”

That’s why it’s important for us ‘real’ runners to join hands and put our campaign to castigate those ‘fake’ runners because if we will allow them once again, those people who are not into running can have reasons to doubt all of us. By allowing them, we became accomplice. The integrity of running can be tarnished by those bawdy individuals.

I have some suggestions, you can give your own…

As an Organizer:

1. The route of Milo 42k was predictable already, with always 3 necklace bands given at the same Aid Stations. Those ‘fake runners’ can plan ahead strategically on how to devise their schemes. I suggest that Organizer should not announce where will those necklace bands will be given and how many of them.

2. Race bib number is not enough. Why not embed a ‘tattoo number’ on our legs or shoulder like that in triathlon so that those ‘fake runners’ cannot just give their race bib number to another runner who will finish the remaining half marathon?

3. Also, though a little bit expensive, why not implement  a race bib number with our photo on it, just like in our driver’s license. (lol) Marshals will see if you’re really that runner at the starting line, the same thing at the finish line.

4. Wearing a chip, just like in NB races is also a good idea, to discourage cheating.

As a Runner:

1. Once you have seen a cheater, remember his/her race bib number, and report it immediately in any marshals nearest you. Better if you can take a picture, though it’s a little bit risky.

2. Like seeing a snatcher, shout like this, “cheater, cheater!” (lol)

Running is a great sports, and we must protect it! Let’s do our share in safeguarding it. Evil flourishes when good men do nothing. We’re not into politics, and so, cheating must be ‘out’ in our vocabulary!

We cannot just say, ‘let’s just run and never mind those cheaters.’ By doing that, you’re not helping them and you too, became an accomplice from his cheating.

Yesterday, I called up Mr. Rudy Biscocho (Organizer of Milo marathon), and we talked for more than 15 minutes regarding this matter. I will post our conversations next time.

God be Praised!





15 responses

7 07 2009
Bong Ortiz

A cheater is like a magician who creates an illusion, that he’s achieved something, when in reality he has not. I agree with you Ronnie, cheaters should be banned from our sport.

7 07 2009

Bong…may I add up that ‘to dnf is more worthy than to cheat.’ Yes, cheaters must be banned. A rotten tomato can spoil out those good ones…Thanks for the input Bro. God bless.

7 07 2009

Hi Ronnie. In 1980, the infamous Rosie Ruiz “won” the Boston Marathon only to find out that she ran possibly the last mile or mile and a half. It’s been said that she did likewise at the NYC Marathon on 1979 that got her qualified for Boston.

Because of this, the chip was eventually invented for events nationally and soon after, worldwide. I’m a big believer in the chip but unfortunately, it never should have come to that. In my years of running the Bay To Breakers here in SF, I’ve seen many people cut into the course at least halfway into the race. The race now has chip timing as a result.

To me, someone who does what you described is just as bad as someone who takes a banned drug so he or she can enhance their performance.

7 07 2009

Wayne…thank you for bringing-up the issue of Rosie Ruiz, first time to hear that. I’m only 3 years old in running and last Sunday’s marathon was my 4th. My first Marathon, Pasig River International marathon was also marred with many cheaters but I just shut up my mouth thinking it’s but normal. But since I really love this sports now, and I cannot tolerate it any longer. I must do something, and we must do something! This is our battle. To cheat in any races is like stealing. The culprits become robbers, thus, we must report them to the proper authorities. They not only robbed the Organizer, they robbed us too.
Thanks for the input. God bless.

7 07 2009

cheaters, thieves, and “greedy” race organizers will ultimately bring the demise or loss of interest of our runners to join road races. i am glad that the “bad” side of the sports we love are being acknowledged and brought out by everybody. let us unite as one and fight these “evils” in our sports. by the way, we are not yet talking of drugs and doping among athletes…ronnie, nice post & keep on writing!

7 07 2009
Luis Arcangel

I heard the stories Sir Ronnie. Reprehensible indeed. My heart goes out to all my friends who killed themselves trying to meet cutoff, went to hell and back, and went home empty handed without a medal – and yet here are these people who would just make a mockery of our sport and rob those who put in their fair share. I just wish there would be a better way to monitor this. I agree with what you said to Wayne – they robbed us too. But above all, they robbed themselves.

7 07 2009

S’ Jovie…we cannot just close our eyes and tolerate them. While it is not our duty as runners to catch those thieves, we can do something to stop this wrong practice…

7 07 2009

Luis…that’s why we should not believe everything that is written on the race results, for NOT all of them were deserving!

8 07 2009
Amado L. Castro, Jr.

The primary and only intention of cheaters in running is the PRIZE MONEY. These people are not after PERSONAL RECORD nor the importance of the actual time they accomplished the race. These people accomplish the act in groups. Organizers should be more diligent and have a validating mechanism for the podium finishers. As what you said, WE in general should say “enough is enough” and do our share to stop cheaters.

8 07 2009

that’s sad news for the organizers and for those who stick true to the sport, just like you and me. indeed, these cheaters cannot go on for long. they will have their day. for it has been said, “from above, the wicked shall receive their just reward”.

keep on running!

[and oh, i’m adding you to my blogroll, if you don’t mind. =)]

8 07 2009

Sir Amado, thanks for the visit, but I don’t think they’re only after the prize money. Some of them were after the sub 4 mark and that ‘bragging right’ just to be in the Milo finals. God bless.

8 07 2009

Carlo…thanks for the visit and yes, I’m going to add you up to.-God bless.

10 07 2009

Dear Ronnie,

I find your topic very relavant, current and informative. May I have your permision to link your blog to what I am writting about regarding the subject. I await your consent.

10 07 2009

Sir Reinier, its an honor po. Likewise, I’m doing the same thing. God bless you always!

12 07 2009
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