You Change Your thoughts And You Change Your World!

8 07 2009

The only disability in life is a bad attitude. Scott Hamilton


As I’ve said in my previous post, When I reached km 32 in last Sunday’s Milo 42 kms race, one of the marshals in the Water Station said that the 5 hour cut-off time will be implemented, and since I still have 10 kms to go, and running some 4 hours and 45 minutes on my Timex Heart Rate Monitor, it will be impossible for me to reach the finish line in 15 minutes, with injuries and pain. Most likely, there will be no more medal and my name will not be included in Milo’s official result in their website.

I continued and arrived at the finish line in a miserable time of 6 hours and 14 minutes. No more medal, and yes my name will not be included. But deep inside me, I’m happy and I feel good, for I know that I passed the test called ‘attitude’.

Let me share something about ‘attitude.’

What is attitude?

-It is the ‘advance man’ of our true selves.

-Its roots are inward but its fruit is outward.

-It is our best friend or our worst enemy.

-It is more honest and more consistent than our words.

-It is a thing which draws people to us or repels them.

-It is never content until it is expressed.

-It is the librarian of our past, the speaker of our present, the prophet of our future.

-John Maxwell, The Winning Attitude page 24

The story of two buckets underlines this truth. One bucket was optimist, and the other was a pessimist. ‘There has never been a life as disappointing as mine ‘, said the empty bucket as it approached the well. ‘I never come away from the well full but what I return again empty.’

‘There has never been such a happy life as mine, said the full bucket as it left the well.’ I never come to the well empty but what I go away again full.’

A young mountain climber and an experienced guide were ascending a high peak in the Sierras. Early one morning the young climber was suddenly awakened by a tremendous cracking sound. He was convinced that the end of the world had come. The guide responded, ‘It’s not the end of the world, just the dawning of a new day.’ As the sun rose, it was merely hitting the ice and causing it to melt.

Many times we have been guilty of viewing our future challenges as the sunset of life rather than the sunrise of a bright new opportunity.

You change your thoughts…

Two shoe salesmen who were sent to an island to sell shoes. The first salesman, upon arrival, was shocked to realize that no one wore shoes. Immediately he sent a telegram to his office saying, ‘Will return home tomorrow. No one wears shoes.’

The second salesman was thrilled by the same realization. Immediately he wired the home office saying, ‘Please send me 10,000 shoes. Everyone here needs them.’

You change your thoughts…

-When Goliath came up against the Israelites, the soldiers all thought, He’s so big we can never kill him. David looked at the same giant and thought, He’s so big I can’t miss!

-The elevator was full and the elevator man began humming a tune. One passenger seemed particularly irritated by the man’s mood and snapped, ‘What are you so happy about?’ ‘Well, sir, replied the man happily, ‘I ain’t never lived this day before.’

One day a man was watching two masons working on a building. He noticed that the one worker continually frowned, groaned and cursed his labors. When asked what he was doing , he replied, ‘Just piling one stone on top of another, all day long until my back is about to break.‘ The other mason whistled as he worked. His movements were swift and sure and his face aglow with satisfaction. When asked what he was doing, he replied, ‘Sir, I’m not just making a stone wall. I’m helping to build a cathedral!”

And You change your world!

When confronted with a difficult situation, a person with outstanding attitude makes the best of it while the other one gets the worst of it. Life can be likened to a grindstone. Whether it grinds you down or polishes you depends upon what you are made of.

As for the medal, PR and list on the race result, I received nothing for that particular marathon but I did something which I think only few runners can do…

April 5, 2009- 102 kms BDM102 ultramarathon-17 hours 28 minutes

May 23, 2009- 100 kms TNF100 trail run (dnfed)-13 hours 5 minutes

June 12, 2009- 130 kms bike to Talisay Batangas-11 hours 35 minutes

June 21, 2009 -90 kms bike to Naic Cavite-6 hours 22 minutes

June 28, 2009 -100 kms Botak100 Ultramarathon- 17 hours 22 minutes

July 5, 2009 -42 kms Milo Marathon- 6 hours 14 minutes. (injured)!

All of these things were made possible by my faith and unwavering attitude.

God be Praised!

Challenge: For one week treat every person you meet , without a single exception, as the most important person on earth. You will find that they will begin treating you the same way.





4 responses

8 07 2009

hats off to you, mr ronnie. you ran the botak 100K a week before milo 42k.
when i saw you along bayani road as i was going back to mckinley, i said to myself, “i’m way ahead of ronnie, that can’t be”. i just thought that you were treating it as an lsd or you were injured then.

rest muna, idol!

God bless! =)

9 07 2009

Thank you Rod, it’s so hard to run coming from an Ultra but some of my co-Ultra’s were still so strong, maybe it’s on the genes…God bless.

9 07 2009
Amado L. Castro, Jr.

Dear Ronnie – You have more shares of blessings (race accomplishments) than others! Given the short span of time April-July to what you have been doing, please do give your body some needed rest and recovery and you will come back stronger I am sure.

10 07 2009

Sir Amado, I do really appreciate your concern and you’re right. The battlecry now for both of my legs are, ‘please, give us a well-needed rest.’ and I’m going to give it to them.
Thank you and I’m going to add you up in my blogroll if it’s okay with you? God bless.

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