The Real ‘Transformer!’ (Part1)

10 07 2009

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” -Romans 12:2

I was able to watch this movie ‘Transformer: The Rise of the Fallen’  twice already. The first one was last June 26, 2009 in Festival Mall Alabang and the second time was last July 3, 2009 in SM Muntinlupa City. I was awed by the the story, those tremendous special audio and video effects and almost non-stop action throughout the entire movie. What’ s so special about this film was the way those high-end cars and airplanes can transform themselves in a blink of an eye into powerful robots ready for warfare and vice versa.

Let me focus my today’s writing in the highlighted word ‘transform.’

First, in running. Every runners must experience this word in his or her life to stay in this sports for a long, long time.  There must be a transformation. Running is a continuous process and lessons must be learned in order for us to grow and keep moving.  Once you became a marathoner and then an Ultra-marathoner, you will not stop there, retire your singlet and hang-up your sneakers. There must be a continuity!

From a slow runner to a speedy runner; from a speedy runner to an endurance runner; from an endurance runner to a speedy runner…Not unless you are an elite runner already, there must be improvements so that boredom cannot creep into our minds and eventually lead that to our downfall. I have heard some runners  who are no longer running nowadays because after they reached the pinnacle of their running careers, they lost interests, got bored and quit running. That’s should not be the case. Real runners always plan ahead to keep him motivated. Would you believe that while running in Botak100, I’m already thinking of my next Ultra-marathon next year which is the 2nd Bataan Death March 102k Ultra-marathon?

And to keep me inspired, After I finished my 3rd Ultra-marathon and 4th marathon and competing in 59 racing events in my 3 years as a runner, I have already set my next goal:

August 9, 2009 -Milo 21k in Baguio City

August 23, 2009 -Milo 21k in Naga City ( if I cannot join Cobra Ironman)

August 30, 2009 -Milo in Legaspi City

October 17, 2009 -Subic 42k

This time, I will train for speed and hopefully regain my former momentum since there will be no more Ultra-marathon set from August-December 2009.

My long term goal is to join all Milo racing events in the provinces, at least thrice a year and complete that before 2012. And a sub4 in Milo 42k next year!

My dear friend, always aspire to be a better runner. Beat your previous PR, continue conquering places and run like an animal. Only in these ways, you can stay motivated, focused and inspired. But if at the end of the day after doing your best, you were not able to achieve it, don’t loose heart-there’s still another day to try.

That movie can never happen in a real  life, but as a runner we can do that. We can transform from a rusty, slow runner to a nimble and expeditious one.

It’s only in your mind.

Why not try it today?

God be Praised!




6 responses

10 07 2009

Very inspiring. The words could crush any downed and bored running spirit. I must agree to the idea of aspiring more to be transformed into something better.

We have almost the same goal now – speed training…

Good luck to all of us who aspire to get better!

God Bless Us all!

10 07 2009

Thank you Redmar for dropping-by. I am dedicating this post to all of my mentors before who are now no longer active in running, and I do pray that I’ll not commit the same mistake-cherishing too much those past accomplishments and eventually, loosing their enthusiasm in the end. God bless.

10 07 2009

Run regardless of speed, time, pace, race events, hour of the day, weather, shoes, etc.

Running is not something we HAVE to do. It is something we NATURALLY do. Only when we do realize this that running becomes not a chore but fun.

Always aim high but watch how you get there. Good luck!

10 07 2009

Atty Jon, after a much needed rest, I’ll include in my game plan this mantra; I’ll not eat my breakfast If I’ll fail to run in the morning! That will motivate me to run everyday, so that I’ll not starve. hehehe. God bless.

10 07 2009

Let us see how long and far you can maintain that mantra. Haha.

10 07 2009

Atty Jon…I want to loose some weights and I think this is a good mantra, at least for now hehe

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