Enjoying Life…

12 07 2009

“Be happy young man, while you are young; and let your heart give you joy in the days of your youth.” -Ecclesiastes 11:9


Yesterday, I took a morning run near the Splash Island.



The grass was a rich green. I could smell those flowers.



I could feel the perspiration trickle down my back. My lungs were full and bursting. It was so sensual and exuberant and inexplicable and mysterious and utterly good that I wept with joy. This beauty was not right, it was a gift.


Last night I sat with my wife in a restaurant. I ate parmigniana. God, it was delicious! That’s right-God, it was good. Thank You! I have watched my children wrestle and play and cry and draw Barbie dolls. I have read them stories and tried to answer their questions about God and good and evil.

What business do I have in doing all of these remarkable things? What right do I have to them? No business. No right. They are all gifts. I pray that if ever in His infinite wisdom and love God chooses to take them away from me, I will not forget that they were gifts and still be thankful, even though my heart may break with grief.

It takes a radical kind of humility to be set free to wait in the midst of suffering. It is the humility of one who knows that all he or she has ever had or ever will have is a gift from God, and that we have no right to any of the good things in life.

God be Praised!

“When you taste God’s goodness, His praise will be on your lips.”




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12 07 2009
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13 07 2009

Nice pictures!

13 07 2009

Hi Ronnie, Southwoods is also my running ground. Hope to bump to you one of these beautiful mornings. Cheers!

13 07 2009
Bong Ortiz

Beautiful place where you run, Ronnie. You are so blessed.

14 07 2009
Crown of Beauty

I think I saw your blog once before at Bongpagong’s blogroll. Bong visits my blog once in a while. Then today, over at Pastor Ron’s blog (Preacherpen), I saw your blog on his blogroll. This interested me, as Preacherpen is a blog friend of mine, as well as Linda of Absolute Grace blog. I also saw Linda’s blog on your roll.

Congratulations for having such a well written blog. I have only read one post so far, this one, and it touches my heart.

May you continue to give glory to God in everything you do and say. I especially appreciate the fact that you are a fellow Filipino… Itaas natin ang bandila ng Pilipinas!



14 07 2009

You make running sound like a no-sweat-fun-to-do task! I am inspired to try it out before trying Parkour 🙂

14 07 2009

Atty jon…thank you.

14 07 2009

Hi gleeman…Hoping to see you in Southwoods one of these days. God bless.

14 07 2009

Thank you Bong and we must be blessed in everything we do. Let’s enjoy life for its short. God bless.

14 07 2009

Hi Crown of beauty…I’ll visit your blog and hoping to know you better. Thanks for the comment..God bless.

14 07 2009

Hi Honey…you try running and see the big difference-the best exercise ever. Thanks for dropping-by.God bless.

26 08 2009
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[…] Enjoying Life… « runnerforchrist […]

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