Big Boys Don’t Cry, Do They?

17 07 2009

“Jesus wept.” -John 11:35


Most men hide their feelings to some degree. Perhaps the great fear is that we might cry when someone is watching. As a result, we practice being dull to our feelings. After all, big boys don’t cry, do they?

The only men who really don’t have feelings are psychopats. They end up in prison because they don’t have feelings to help them discern the moral life. In other words, they hurt or kill without remorse.

Do grown men weep? Sure. Should grown men weep? Of course. Anyone in touch with reality in this world knows there are lots of reasons to weep. We weep over triumphs and tragedies. Most good people weep over admirable actions and deplorable ones.

Are there any physical or health benefits from crying? From comes this information: – Psychological counselor Li Jin from the Yang Guang Hua Ren Psychological Service says the answer is “Yes”.

“Weeping is one of the mechanisms that humans use to get rid of some toxins. Tears may be involved in removing waste products or toxic substances from the body. Perhaps that is why so many people say they feel better after crying.”

The chemical components of tears are far more complicated than one would imagine. Li Jin introduced an interesting experiment conducted by American scientists. The scientists first had some volunteers watch a sad movie, and then they collected their tears. Later they had these volunteers cut onions to generate tears. Chemical analysis afterwards showed that the tears collected from cutting onions are very different from those created by watching a sad movie.

Some people may think that crying is just a loss of control and a sign of weakness. But actually, crying is a form of stress release and sometimes, can be attributed to greatness.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, upon hearing that his friend Lazarus died, wept and that instance was the shortest verse in the Bible. Here was a God-man, and yet he cried due to the brevity of man’s life. The story doesn’t end there, for Jesus was able to rise Lazarus from the dead and many people believed Him further.

If Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, cried- are we better than Him?

I have to admit that since I became a Christian, I’m crying to God most of the times- in prayer! Alone in my room, I’m pouring my heart to Him everyday, giving Him all my worries, fears, plans, my love ones, my friends, those unsaved and my future.

It is better to weep now and be happy later than to experience the opposite hereafter.

What do we weep over? What should we weep over? From his book, Leadership is An Art by Max Depree, he jotted down some things we probably ought to weep about:


-a lack of dignity

-injustice, the law that prevents equity

-good news!


-a world of thanks



-betrayal of ideas, of principles, of quality

-jargon, because it confuses rather than clarifies

-leaders who watch bottom lines without watching behavior

-the inability of folks to tell the difference between heroes and celebrities

-confusing pleasure with meaning

-leaders who never say ‘thank you.’

-people who are gifts to the spirit

May I add:


-the widespread of evil and moral descendancy

-praising evil and condemning good.

-corruption in government

-cheaters in running and in every aspects of life

What would you add? Why should you weep?

No wonder, I can say now that…


God be Praised!

RUNNING TIPS: For legs that kill, especially on hills, try running stadiums. Run quickly up the steps of your local stadium, then jog over to the next aisle and back down as your recovery. Aim for uphill segments that last about 90 seconds.

EXPOSING THE WORKS OF DARKNESS: It appears that within man there is a protective barrier sheltering him to some extent from the baneful influence of demons. Once a person begins dabbling in the occult, this protective fence is broken down. The victim henceforth becomes the prey of wicked spirit forces. Occultly subjected people often confess that it was not too difficult to make contact with the spirits. But once they become aware of the diabolical nature of their spirit intercourse and sought to renounce this evil, they found that no power on earth could free them.

Rebuke every forms of evil and don’t join them, for its real. -IN JESUS NAME!





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20 08 2009

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