Nothing To Prove!

18 07 2009
“You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.”

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Sometimes during practice, I was being put to the test by those ‘newbie’ runners who don’t know me yet. Last time, I’m running at a comfortable pace when someone just overtook me from behind. It’s but okay even if that runner will not greet me as a courtesy but what was not expedient was when he gestured as though he’d like to have a race with me. I’m up to any challenge although I’m not a ‘speedy’ runner, I can overcome him at any distance specially when it comes to endurance.
Although I still have so many goals to accomplish in this field (running), like beating my PR etc…I have to accept the fact  that I cannot do it all.  Injuries will always be here to hamper our training and sometimes, the busy-ness of life can halt our progress. While I cannot attain them all, I think I have nothing to prove.
The great boxing legend Joe Louis was the world heavyweight boxing Champion from 1937 until he retired in 1949. During his time of service in the army, Louis was driving with a fellow GI when he was involved in a minor collision with a large truck. The truck driver got out, yelling cursing and provoking Louis to a fight who just sat at the driver’s seat, smiling. “Why didn’t you get out and knock him flat?” asked his buddy after the truck driver had moved on. “Why should I?” replied Joe. “When somebody insulted Caruso, did he sing an aria for him?”
This is one of my favorite illustrations because it is so relevant to the theme of identity. The truck driver clearly didn’t know the real identity he was cursing, for if he had, he wouldn’t have treated him in a dramatically different way! On the other hand, Joe Louis knew who he was-the best boxer in the world-and therefore he had nothing to prove.
The next time someone outruns  you in one of  your morning sessions, remember Joe Louis. You may not be the best runner in the world, but still, you have nothing to prove, for you alone are enough!
To be there running, is already a blessing and let’s be thankful because we are healthy and physically fit. For not all  have the benefits of running the way we are doing.
God be Praised!
RUNNING TIPS: A ‘tall’ runner is an efficient runner. To keep from slouching, take e deep breath and feel yourself straighten up. As you exhale , simply maintain that upright posture. Your head should be in line with your shoulders, with your hips directly underneath. Now get going.
EXPOSING THE WORKS OF DARKNESS: The idea of satanic pact , in which the human being sold his immortal soul to satan in return for some form of temporal pleasure, took shape in Bryzantium and gradually infiltrated the folklore of Europe.
It was popularly supposed that such contracts with the Devil were signed by the witch in her own blood. The terms of a pact included the repudiation of God, denial of the Christian faith, rejection of baptism, followed by re-baptism by satan in a new name, the swearing of an oath of allegiance to satan and being branded with special mark on some part of the body, usually in the genital area.



2 responses

20 07 2009

Your constant focus on the Lord, through every post and every Run, is such a blessing and truly honours Jesus Christ. Thank you!

Your running is also inspiring, and I’m (carefully) considering starting up again, even though I’m nearly 55 years old! Btw, have you heard of the guys who ran across the Sahara Desert? Do you happen to know them? The story is gruelling but inspirational as well…except they dont know our Lord 😦

anyhow, love and appreciate you testimony & blog!! Linda

21 07 2009

Hi Linda…my running buddy was 63 years old and the eldest in our group was 85. It’s not too late to start, but as a starter, do it in moderation. Build your base first. If you like I can give you a training program, like what I’m doing to some of readers of this blog who emailed me and I responded with a training program. This coming September, they will join me in a race.

God bless you and thank you for a nice feedback.

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