My Life On The Run!

22 07 2009

“Never limit whenever running can take you.” -Bart Yasso


Last month, as I visited ‘Fully-Book’ Bookstore in BHS, I was mesmerized upon seeing this great masterpiece, ‘My Life on the Run’ by the living legend himself, Bart Yasso. I secretly took a picture of this so that I’ll not forget the title of the book and hopefully, buy this one in the near future. I was able to scan the pages, the contents sooo inspiring specially for those ultra-runners. Well, if you don’t know Bart Yasso yet, here’s a little data regarding him…

Yasso joined Runner’s World in 1987 to develop the groundbreaking of  Runner’s World Race Sponsorship Program, creating a vehicle for Runner’s World to work with over 7,000 races representing 4 million runners per year. Inducted into the Running USA Hall of Champions.

Yasso also invented the Yasso 800s, a marathon-training schedule used by thousands around the world. He is one of the few people to have completed races on all seven continents from the Antarctica marathon to the Mt. Kilimanjaro marathon. In 1987, Yasso won the U.S. National Biathlon Long Course Championship and won the Smoky Mountain Marathon in 1998. He has also completed the Ironman five times and the Badwater 146 through Death Valley. He has also cycled, unsupported and by himself, across the country twice.


Great runners come and go, but they will leave a lasting legacy for us. Bart Yasso is indeed an inspiration to many. While I seldom endorse something or someone, this one is exceptional.

My only disappointment was, upon returning to that bookstore to buy that book, it’s now out of stock!

Hoping to find it elsewhere…

I did a recovery run today prior to that injury last Saturday, and I felt great!


My life will always be on the run, and since I was able to do my mantra today, I have the right to eat a sumptuous breakfast.

God be Praised!

RUNNING TIPS: Runners need sun protection during the long days of summer. Use a sweat-proof sunscreen, and eat oranges and berries, which contain flavonoids, compounds that help protect the skin from damaging UV light.

LIFE IN A NUTSHELL: Throughout his days in office Theodore Roosevelt was either hated or admired. An ardent admirer once exclaimed to him, “Mr. Roosevelt, you are a great man.” He replied, “No, Teddy Roosevelt is simply a plain, ordinary man-highly motivated.” It’s safe to say that his answer describes most great leaders.




6 responses

22 07 2009

What was your sumptuos breakfast? i enjoy reading your blog. very entertaining

22 07 2009

I can’t believe you are actually following your mantra of “No Run, No Breakfast”!

Would that apply even before an ultra race?

22 07 2009

S’ Patrick…I eat heavily during breakfast, usually with rice and since I’m a vegan, I have plenty of green and leafy vegetables on my table, with fruits of course. May I add up that I only eat oatmeal at dinner and I’m taking this not later than 6pm. God bless you.

22 07 2009

You read it right atty Jon…hehehe but before Ultra is a different story. I eat like a monster a week before and gradually decreasing it before the event.

When is the next ultra, aside in the BDM part 2?

23 07 2009

No public ultra races before BDM102 but we can make one! I mean run an ultra as a long run from 50k and up.

There is the option of joining ultra abroad but that is logistically-challenging (i.e. expensive).

Or we can do back to back marathons – QC and after 1 week, Subic in October with a goal of maintaining the QC time or lower during Subic. In fine, running the Subic faster than QC. It is doable.

26 07 2009

atty jon…I might try running my own course of 50k and up and hoping to do back to back 42k. I’m still thinking of joining Milo finals 42k as a bandit…. Whatever it is…let’s keep running and have FUN!

I’ll email you my cp number, hoping to communicate with you from time to time. God bless you and your kid.

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