Journalizing Your Run!

23 07 2009

Yes, it’s hard to write, but it’s harder not to. Carl Van Doren quotes


My running friend, Retired Captain Conrad Aquino was running for more than 40 years now, and still running strong at age 63. He had so many stories to tell and worth listening. The 5th Milo t-shirt he wore was still intact (take note Milo is in the 33rd year now) and all of his race packets were all well kept and placed on a clear book.

However, he neglected something very important- journalizing his every runs!

When I started running way back in 2006, this was the practice I will not miss doing. I have this ‘Training Journal” made by Runners World and I want to share something about it…


I bought this in ‘Booksale’ at a bargain price of only P25.00, so cheap but contains so many tips, trivias, quotations and many more. Needless to say, majority of my running tips was taken from this great masterpiece.

The content of this book at first glance was simple but very effective in journalizing my every runs, here it was:






Allow me to use the exact words of Amby Burfoot, who gave the introduction for this book…

” After nearly 4 decades of running, more than 100,000 miles logged and something like 12,000 separate entries in my training journals, I have 3 favorite days: one, the day I won the Boston marathon (of course); two, the day I got married (of course); and three, the day I got married again (hey, no one’s perfect, and the second time around was particularly sweet).

Here in short, is what i wrote in each of those three log entries.

April 19, 1968: “27 miles including 26.2 miles in Boston Marathon. I won! felt great the whole way until side stitch the last 2 miles. But I struggled through it.”

November 1, 1970: ” 20 miles, really hard, with a bunch of my running friends who are here for the wedding. The last 5 miles were practically racing. What a competitive group!”

July 4, 1995: ” 3 mile jog in the Groton Long Point fun run with Cristina. A gorgeous sunny dry day. We couldn’t hoped for anything better.”

Thumbing through the pages, I’m carried back instantly to the places I’ve run and the people who have sweated at my side.

And a day later, a week later, perhaps a month or year or decade later, you will discover more meaning in your words than when you first wrote them.

You might even figure out one of the mysteries of the universe, such as why anyone would ever have to get married twice.”

Oh my…so cool isn’t it?

Ten, twenty or thirty years from now- it’s nice to read again our journal entries. That will surely be vintage!

Nice running and Journalizing!

God be Praised!

RUNNING TIPS: You lose fitness 2 to 3 times faster than you gain it. So get out there!

LIFE IN A NUTSHELL: A Professor in college Ethics class presented his students with a problem. He said, ” A man has syphillis and his wife has tuberculosis. They have had 4 children: One has died, the other 3 have terminal illnesses. The mother is pregnant. What do you recommend?” After a spirited discussion, the majority of the class voted that she abort the child. “Fine,” said the Professor. “You’ve just killed Beethoven, the great musician.” -HIS magazine, February 1984





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