Top 10 Movies To Watch As A Runner!(Last Part)

27 07 2009


6. Running Brave is a 1983 wonderful film. It sends out strong, positive, messages of life, and pursuing goals. As a Cross-Country and Track runner, Running Brave gave me the inspiration to continue to work hard and focus to be the best out there (like the Prefontaine movies did). Billy Mills did not let the stereotypical attitude towards his origins bring him down, it just fuelled him even more to showcase his talents.

The last segment of the 10,000 meter final is filmed exceptionally well.

–If your a runner, then Running Brave is for you. If your a person that likes inspirational, good-hearted films, I highly recommend this movie. *** stars out of 4


7. Endurance is a true to life story of Haile!This movie brings back so many memories. You truly can get a feel for the country in watching it. I can almost smell the smoke and the spicy plants. So many things are perfect, but I guess that is to be expected since it was filmed in Ethiopia. A friend asked why Haile was making a hiccuping sound when he was talking to the coach for the first time. That means he was listening intently and eagerly. The food his mother was cooking in the beginning is “injeria” which a kind of sourdough pancake/bread made from the grassy grain “tef”. ! A must see for anyone preparing for a trip there and also for those who love track and field sports.

the long run

8. THE LONG RUN -The previous commentator who rated this film “1” based on seeing the last 10 minutes is laughable and irresponsible. This is a sensitive and will-developed film about a lonely old failed-runner turned coach who lives for running and finds a promising young woman refugee whom he wants to train for this grueling race. She is an illegal refugee from Namibia who runs to forget her troubles — not into racing — and he rescues her from deportation and takes over her life in order to train her. Eventually she rebels and leaves because she is young and wants a life of her own, but returns to running and works with him and his bunch of male runners as her group support. The cinematography is excellent and the music — using local native bands and songs of prominence — first rate. If the film were such a travesty on racing, why would the sponsoring organization of this grueling race cooperate with and allow the movie to be shot as an exemplar of the race. How many American runners have run 90k? With a good part of the race toward the end a steep uphill? This is a fine movie, a heart-warming story, unlike the vast majority of sock-em, kill-em, torture-em or gen-x mixed-up kids seeking their identity.


9. THE JERICHO MILE– I’ve never given a movie a ten out of ten before but this is the closest I have ever come (I gave it a 9). There are very few movies that I truly love, this however is one of them. With it’s gritty realism, fantastic on-site locationing, and it’s great soundtrack it literally blew my young mind when I first saw it in 1979. At that point I didn’t know about prisons, violence, racial tensions, or the struggle to survive & live free. I doubt that anyone who is an adult, or for that matter anyone who is growing up in todays world could be impacted by this film in the same way I was all those years ago, but I will say this: “if you haven’t seen this movie I envy you”; this is because you have the chance to see this great film for the frist time. For each of us they’re different, but here’s to the rarest movies of them all: the ones we actually love…


And here comes the best movie of all times…

10. FIRE ON THE TRACT-I suspect a lot of track and field afficionados haven’t seen Fire on theTrack. (Fire on the Track was only in 4th place after our first round of voting when viewers could vote for their 4 favorite movies). However, this movie apparently is a must see, as those that have seen it, love it as it came out on top in the final rounds when it was pitted head to head versus the advancing running movies which were more widely seen by voters. Fire on the Track came out on top over an Academy Award winning film, Chariots of Fire in the semi-finals, and in the finals triumphed over Without Limits, the Steve Prefontaine movie that had big screen publicity and Tom Cruise as a producer.

And Fire on the Track’s triumph over more widely publicized films is exactly why we wanted our viewers to settle the issue of what the best running movie of all-time was. We did not care what Hollywood or the Academy thought. We wanted to know what our hard core running viewers thought was the best running movie of all-time. And now we know. Fire on the Track is a documentary on Steve Prefontaine, America’s top distance runner in the 1970’s whose front running style, brashness, and American records from 2,000m to 10,000m captivated the American track public like no other distance runner. He narrowly missed an Olympic medal in 1972 and then his life was tragically cut short in a car accident. Fire on the Track is excellently produced, has in depth footage of the 1972 Olympic 5k final, with comments from Prefontaine’s competitors.




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27 07 2009

Loneliness of a long distance Runner…great movie too.
Story of rebellious youth who begins running and competing at a boarding school, a British movie.

Great post.

27 07 2009

How about “On the Edge”? This was a great movie too.
Story of a promising amateur athlete banned for violating his amateur status who 20 years later decides to make a comeback.

By the way Sir, how can I avail of those movies you have mentioned? It seems they were so old hehehe

Nice post. Thanks for the sharing!

27 07 2009

Wow I’ve only seen two of these movies. Carrie, my friend of who I paced at Western States, was born and raised in Indiana and she took part in the “little 500”, the bike race in “Breaking Away.” I guess it’s a continuing tradition.

The best movie I saw before a race was “Step Into Liquid”, a surfing movie. They interviewed surfers from all walks of life, all types of ability, all ages and what struck me was the same passion and love for their sport each one had. I saw that and it resonated with me. I don’t surf but I totally got what they were saying and it made thankful that I had what they were talking about in my life, different sport but the same feeling. Don’t know if that makes sense.

28 07 2009

Great post Ronnie. Like Rick, I’ve only seen three of the 10!

There was one movie that came out in the early seventies called “The Games” which I believe starred Ryan O’Neill. He played an American runner who was training for an Olympic marathon along with three other athletes that were from other countries (Great Britain, Australia and one another country). I don’t know if the movie ever came out on VHS / DVD but I’ve been looking for t with no results.

There was also one that was made in Canada which a friend of mine downloaded for me called St Ralph. It was about a young teenager got into running because of all the trouble he got into at a Catholic school. His eventual dream was to win the 1952 or 1953 Boston Marathon. He was coached by a former Canadian runner who’s career ended because of a knee injury.

Thanks for sharing these. I’ll check to see if any of these can be rented at one of our stores locally. Take care.

28 07 2009

Hi Shekinah…what a lovely name! It’s biblical, isn’t it? Meaning, ‘The Lord’s Glory’.
Thanks for the input, I’ll search for that movie..God bless.

28 07 2009

Hi Tamara…I’ve seen one with almost the same title, “The Cutting Edge” but I don’t think it’s the same. Hoping to find it too, and yes, those I’ve mentioned were quiet vintage. Happy searching hehehe

God bless.

28 07 2009

Hi Rick…again thank you for the input. I’m going to look for that movie, ‘step into liquid’ and the synopsis is relevant, passion for the sports we love. God bless.

28 07 2009

Hi Wayne… i’m happy to know that there are still galore of movies worth watching and it’s my first time to hear ‘the games and St. ralph.

My wish is to watch them all, and if God’s willing, keep it as my collector’s item.

God bless.

3 08 2009
watch movie online

Yeah, all are nice , but I like “THE LONG RUN” more. it’s interesting.

25 05 2010

great Post =]

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