Running As A Form Of Self-Defense?

30 07 2009

I only direct in self-defense. -Mel Brooks


My  running friend, Henry de Castro, who tried his first ever Milo 42k last June 28, 2009, was qualified with a time of 3 hours and 45 minutes, told me his unforgettable story while running couple of months ago.

He was running alone at around 4am somewhere in the dark alley of the Main Road, Pacita San Pedro Laguna when he was taken by surprise by two  hold-up men. A knife was pointed on his chest and they forced him to give them whatever amount he has. He said he had nothing because he was not carrying any cash at that time. While those two  talked silently among themselves, Henry smelled something fishy out there, he sensed a great danger!

He cannot win for sure against these 2 men, for both of them have knives.

And since he doesn’t have any cash, what if those two men forced him to undress?  His shoes, singlet and running pants can be an enticing  alternatives as what had  happened to a jogger a year ago in Binan Laguna, leaving that unfortunate jogger totally naked in the middle of the street.

Henry thought for a while and without further ado, he ran as fast as he could. Those two culprits chased him continuously for 2-3 minutes, but Henry, a natural sprinter, outrun them with ease. As Henry got farther, those two men suddenly stopped, gasped their breaths and yelled cursing words at him.

Henry was all smile when he relayed this story to me and I too, cannot control myself into bursting with laughter. Not unless they have guns, we can always outrun them.

The moral lesson of the story? Well, always bring some cash while running. Of course, this is not for those hold-up men, but for buying an ice cream or fresh buco juice or ice cold orange juice at convenience store when you have a good run.

Thank God because we are runners…we have an advantage over those crooked men. But what if those hold-up men are runners too? God forbid! (lol)

God be Praised!


Henry de Castro, at the finish line of Milo 42k.

LIFE IN A NUTSHELL:  If you are humble, don’t write the book on how humble you are, with twelve life-sized pictures in it. –Humorous Incidents and Quips.





4 responses

30 07 2009
Bong Ortiz

Nice and funny story. Time to work on my speed I guess. 🙂

30 07 2009

The French art of Parkour, which has become popular recently, compares itself to the ‘flight’ in the ‘fight or flight’ reflex that humans have.

As far as self-defense, being able to run farther and faster than an attacker is definitely a benefit.

31 07 2009

A very good thing that he was faster on the sprint. If they caught him they might have killed him out of pure anger. I don’t have a strong sprint so I probably would have been at the mercy of the hold up duo. Maybe if we were on top of a mountain, I’m fast on downhills, especially trail:)

3 08 2009

Nice insight Rick…and I’m one with you. God bless.

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