Best Race Bib So Far!

4 08 2009

“To whom does design address itself: to the greatest number, to the specialist of an enlightened matter, to a privileged social class? Design addresses itself to the need.” -Charles Eames


I have a running friend who was so obsessed with race bibs that he combined all of them and made it a nice singlet! (What a weird but a nice idea, that’s for a Guinness huh!)

Let me discuss about race bib and how I treasured all of them.

I have three clear books, and I compiled all of them chronologically. At the lowest portion, I wrote the date, my PR and the place of the race with permanent ink.

I love all of them…

But in my 59 racing events, there’s only one race bib that was different.

Here it is…


The Mizuno Infinity Run held last June 7, 2009. Why? What’s in it? Why I chose this among the others?

Coming from two Ultramarathons, my PR here was not too impressive. At the 15k category, my time was only 1 hour and 30 minutes. So what’s the big deal?


I really appreciated and admired it in terms of design, creativity and innovation specially at the back. I reviewed all of my race bibs, and this one was unique!

Those data are very efficient tools IN CASE OF EMERGENCY!

How I wished that all Organizers will imitate this one, for the safety of all runners…JUST IN CASE!

God be Praised!

THE LIGHTER SIDE: Philosophers are people who write about things they don’t understand, and make it sound like it’s your fault. -S. Lewis Johnson

MY PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord, dismiss us with Your peace, except for those who don’t know You; keep them miserable until they come to know the Prince of Peace!





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4 08 2009

I save all my race bibs too and like you I also write little notes in them. Wow that is a really good idea. I’ve never seen a bib number with a back like that. I know why it’s not more common – cost. Costs money to have to print on both sides even though they are just laying down black ink on the back.

Really great idea, would be a great help for first responders in an emergency situation but I bet even if they implemented more of these types of bibs many people won’t take the time to write down their information. And I bet some will do it with a pen that isn’t waterproof and get all mad when the ink transfers to their nice race shirt.

Here’s an idea, what if they put it in the front but just for the critical information so it fits; contact person, contact number, blood type.

Here Road Id is popular because they are useful in a race and also in training but they can be pricey. I bet a cheaper alternative can be done there like dog tags that can be worn around the neck or laced in shoes. Wouldn’t be expensive to find an engraver who will etch the info.

Several years ago a runner here was a victim of a hit and run and it took them a long time to find out who she was because she carried no id’s. Finally tracked down the serial number on her iPod and fortunately she registered it. She was in a coma but her parents were able to be notified and brought to the hospital before she passed away.

Sorry for the long, long response but this stuff is close to my heart – carrying identification and having emergency info available whether racing or training. Don’t count on being conscious in an emergency.

4 08 2009

Rick…whenever we have a long run or running in unfamiliar places, my small group and I made it a practice to wear a race bib with data at the back, for emergency purposes. Motorists also respect us thinking there’s a race going on. In these days filled with so many unexpected tragedies, we MUST be always cautious and ready for the worst to come. It can be a dog tag, a road ID or that race bib can save lives. I’m saddened by your story specially that female runner who was a victim of hit and run…If there’s only available data, things will be different!

Thank you for this input. It’s very informative!
God bless you again my dear friend.

5 08 2009

i always carry a Calling Card folded with the cash/bills (inside a small ziploc) in my hydration belt’s pocket just in case of emergency.

6 08 2009

S’ Jovie…that’s very useful piece of information….I can copy that.

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