I’m Ready For Milo Baguio City 21K!

6 08 2009

“People must be charmed into righteousness.” -Reinhold Niebhur

It was February 11, 2007 when I first joined a race there in the high altitude known as Baguio City -the Adidas King Of The Road 10k event. The singlet given then was the white one, one of my favorites. I can still recall my companion, Jack Marcos (great grandson of the late Prez). That was my 9th racing events then, and my time was 59 minutes and 12 seconds. The route was rolling terrain and very challenging.

After more than 2 years, this coming Sunday August 9, 2009…I will try to conquer again that scenic city, this time in Milo 21 kms. Since the route is harder and more difficult than in any locations, I’m giving myself +15 minutes from my previous best PR for the half-marathon.

My yoga trainer, Bert Rodillas, a 61 year old strong runner will be with me, along with his friend Jun, from Westgrove Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

We will be leaving tonight, Thursday, at 11:30pm via Victory Liner and hoping to come back Sunday afternoon after the race.

And if time will permit me, I’ll try to visit Quirino Cagayan Valley after that Baguio’s race. My father in faith is inviting me to run with him there, in his bailiwick and stay with him 2-3 days.

I’ll miss blogging then. But whenever and wherever I am, I’m one with you as we run.

God be Praised!




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6 08 2009

Hey Ronnie, best of luck! Take some pictures.

On a different note. What is the altitude of Baguio that we can technically say it is so? I better research on this.

6 08 2009

atty jon…Baguio is on a 1,500-meter high plateau in the Cordillera mountain range of Northern Luzon. Baguio’s altitude ranges for 950 to 1650 m. Baguio’s average elevation is 5,000 ft. above sea level. Thanks and God bless.

7 08 2009

Bro goodluck sa Milo 21k…. piece of cake for ultra runner like you!!! Don’t forget my STRAWBERRY JAM hehehe
God Bless!

7 08 2009

Ronnie, I can only wish you the best! How I wish that I could have joined you folks but the lure of my birthplace (San Fernando, LU) and hometown (Bauang, LU) made me run the 21k San Fernando leg last week is irresistible. Anyway, God be with you in Baguio and in the Cagayan Valley. I will look forward to your recaps and of course your inspirational messages. God bless!

8 08 2009

ronnie, PMA’s Melchor Hall’s (the old building) entrance is at 5,000 ft above sea level and there is a brass marker on the left side of the said entrance where we used as “reference point” in our Surveying class. Good luck & don’t be intimidated on the first kilometer of the race which is an uphill climb. I used to run on that route when I was still a cadet of PMA and during our alumni races in the 80s.

8 08 2009
cesar a.k.a. rockandrun12

That’s the spirit man! Aim for best time 1:15. You’re on your way, getting there! All the best man.

Okay guys going through, ronnie the man, the runner. move over!

9 08 2009
Luis Arcangel

Good luck Sir Ronnie, have fun and enjoy the weather! WE ran the 21k Botak race there about 3 months ago, course was deathly challenging because of all those uphills 🙂 Keep us posted!

14 08 2009

Isko, your strawberry jam is with me ready for the taking.Hoping to see you again this Aug 30 for the Kennon Road 21k..

14 08 2009

Hi S’Felipe…your LU race was indeed my goal too next year. Thanks for your very nice comments. God bless.

14 08 2009

S’ Jovie…thanks for the info…God bless.

14 08 2009

Hi cesar…my time was not so good for this one. I’ll make a revenge next time hehe

14 08 2009

Hi Luis…I don’t know if Botak’s route was the same with that of Milo…Break a leg!

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