So Many Races, So What?

14 08 2009

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing…” -Helen Keller

In my experience, after running a total of 60+ races in a span of just 3 years (with 2 and a half Ultras, 4 marathons…) I am now becoming more choosy  in joining  any races particularly in Metro Manila be it in  The Fort, U.P Diliman, Rajah Sulayman or Quirino Grandstand- these places sorry to say, do not appeal to me anymore.

Not unless it is “New Balance or Adidas.”

I think as a seasoned runner, joining just one race per month is a wise decision and two the most, to give me enough time to miss a race.

And It’s my goal now to decrease my time or in another words- improve it. I will no longer say, “Enjoy the race.” But rather, “Join a race, and improve my time.”

Next year, my target is the sub 4 for the 42k.

So thus, I’ll begin my speed work starting immediately. It maybe a long process, but I knew it can be done.

My today’s practice was a good one, with a time of 2 hours and 22 minutes, a 26k tempo run.





Also, I will not join any race if I’m not yet ready for a better PR. I would rather spend my time training and polishing my skills.

God be Praised!



1. Begin with infancy by giving the child everything he wants; in this way, he will believe the world owes him a living.

2. When he picks up that vulgar word, laugh at him; this will make him think he’s cute.

3. Never give him spiritual training. Wait until he is 21 and then let him decide for himself.

4. Always avoid the use of the word ‘wrong.” It may develop a guilt complex.

5. Pick up everything he leaves around the house. Do everything for him so that he will be experienced in throwing all responsibility  upon others.

-to be continued.

THE LIGHTER SIDE: One of the marks of maturity is the ability to disagree without becoming disagreeable.




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