The 3rd Alamid 10K Marathon!

16 08 2009

If you ever get a second chance in life for something, you’ve got to go all the way. -Lance Armstrong

Some of my friends invited me to join a 10k race in San Roque, San Pedro Laguna, today, August 16, 2009. At first, I’m  hesitant to join because I have no more training for a 10k race. A 10k is difficult especially if you have ‘trained’ for Ultramarathons for several months now. But due to insistence of my group, I participated  and although that event was not a ‘celebrated’ race compared to others that I have already joined in the past, I enjoyed it for I saw my old buddies in running, some of them were my mentors and seasoned friends.

The Registration fee was only P50 and upon reaching the finish line, there was a Zesto Juice and a Chicken Sandwich, with 3 water stations along the route.


The singlet, in front.


At the back…uhmmmm….election time ha?! Too early Sir…


Long lines as we register. Only in Laguna (lol)




With my running buddies…


My official time was 38 minutes and 18 seconds. This was one of my best PRs so far for the 10k. I don’t know if it’s really a 10k but upon asking one race officials, he told me that there’s a discrepancy of 800 meters. So, it’s only a 9.2 kms race, nonetheless, it was a very good race for me and my friends.

God be Praised!

SUNDAY SPECIAL: Humpty Dumpty had an unsolved problem. We have a problem too, but ours had a solution…

Jesus Christ came to our wall, Jesus Christ died for our fall. So that regardless of death and in spite of sin, through grace He might put us together again.




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