A Runner And A Great Fighter!

17 08 2009

This fight was a marathon and I was here to run the entire race. I was expecting a fight from a real Filipino fighter, not a runner. He didn’t want to fight. He wanted to run. … I knew he was a great fighter, a great technician. If he would have had a warriors’ heart, we would have exchanged more.” -Concepcion, as told to Donaire after the fight, c/o Yahoo.com.ph


Bloodied Concepcion Vs. Donaire, photo courtesy of doghouseboxing.com

As I watched the slightly delayed telecast of the fight between the Panamian ‘El Torito’ Concepcion versus our very own Donaire, I’m awed with the way Donaire outclassed his foe, not with strength but with speed and agility. While it’s true that Concepcion, being heavier but who does not meet the qualifying weight limit, was more powerful and aggressive through out the entire bout, it was Donaire’s run and dance style that made him a winner.

And this boxer Concepcion, with that loss, made that sarcastic comment after that grueling match.

There is no such rule in boxing that prohibits a boxer to run and dance like the way those boxing legends Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard did during their fights. And so, Concepcion, out of frustration and disappointment, said those harsh words maybe to whine and to blame Donaire for his defeat. That was not a mark of a true sportsman. All of the judges scored in favor of Donaire and he hit with more accuracy than this Panamian gladiator.

Maybe Donaire is a strong runner too and his opponent is no match with him in a marathon. It only shows that real runners have advantage over the others.

Hats-off to you, Mr. Donaire…once again, you made me proud as a Filipino.

God be Praised!

LIFE IN A NUTSHELL: In 1985, Frederick Holiday, the Superintendent of Cleveland’s public schools, shot himself throughout the heart with .357 magnum. In a suicide note he said that although he had achieved great success, he could not tolerate being stripped of his dignity  by the unfair and vicious accusations leveled against him by his opponents.

Other’s unfair opinions of you maybe hurting you deeply but if you have placed  your trust in Jesus and you’re trying to do what is right, sees you and approves of you. And that is what matters most.

“He who judges me is the Lord.” -1 Corinthians 4:4



2 responses

17 08 2009
rick gaston

I guess you could say that he ran circles around his opponent. My family has two indoor pets, a rat terrier (small hunting dog) and a white house cat. Sometimes the dog gets a little ornery and chases the cat around. The cat will run and jump from furniture to furniture but when the dog gets to close it will stop and land 3 to 4 paw jabs to the bewildered dog. Your post just reminded me of that.

18 08 2009

Rick that was nice animal story,and all I could say is that…it’s not a cowardice to say to run from your enemy or ran circles around especially if he’s bigger in size and more powerful as long as we know how to counterpunch. Thanks for the sharing…Shalom!

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