FVR Vs. ERAP In A 57k Ultramarathon?

25 08 2009

“If he (Estrada) wants, the two of us could run from Malacañang all the way to Tanay, Rizal. But of course, not really running all the way… some might collapse. I’m giving him a lead of six years of age,” – Ramos told reporters in his office in Makati City. c/o Philstar.com

Reading the headline of the Philippine Star, I smiled over the remarks made by former President Fidel “FVR” Ramos to his successor then, another former President, Joseph “ERAP”  Estrada.

Since ultra-running (more than a 42k race) was dragged into the issue, this is my ‘sharing’ for today.

Well, it all started when Erap called FVR “amoy lupa” or “smelling like soil” in one of the interviews and FVR retaliated by saying those words above.

The two became mortal nemesis due to politics and they exchanged some verbal assaults in the past.

His plan was to challenge ERAP for an Ultra-marathon which will start from Malacanang upto Tanay Rizal.

ERAP knew that FVR had a surgery for a blocked carotid artery, and just recently, warts were removed from his chest.

FVR on the other hand, have the knowledge that ERAP’s kneecap was replaced with a titanium  in a surgery abroad.

While FVR was known for his healthy lifestyle and jogs daily when he was  still a president, ERAP was known for his drinking sprees with friends until the wee hours in the morning while still in the Palace. 

ERAP on the hand, has a commercial showing him ‘running’ and seems fit to run a race.

The race if it will be granted, consists of running, walking and sleeping and it could take days. One or the two of them will collapse along the way, but FVR  is challenging ERAP for this event to see who  is really fit.

FVR is 81 years old while ERAP is 72.

 Both of them intend to seek re-election in 2010.

Let’s wait and see if ERAP will accept the challenge. And if that happens, that’s a good race to watch. They’re no longer competitive at their age, but this one will be a blockbuster event.

Some say that they’re still aspiring to regain their ‘lost power. Whether true or not, I can only say one thing:

Sirs, I suggest that both of you  retire now and shun  from any political ambitions  and let a younger and competent  leader guide us anew in reaching the promise land.

Both of you tasted already how to become a President and I will say- THAT IS ENOUGH!

But I love to see both of you  running, not in politics but in Ultra-marathon.

God be Praised!

After reading “Alive”, I’m  now reading   “Buried Secrets” and hoping to finish this before August 30, 2009 race.








2 responses

26 08 2009

running an ultramarathon and politics? they don’t go together, ronnie! these people are just good in talking..you are right, they should stop talking! in the first place, they have done nothing for the good of philippine sports. see you soon!

26 08 2009

Sir, those corrupt politicians must learn how to run so that they can live longer to take good care of those stolen goods hehehe. Honestly, I know both of them can’t finish it, given a cut-off time. Election time is fast approaching and they will make everything to get the attention of the masses….

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