If I Die While Running…

27 08 2009

“Dream as if you’ll  live  forever. Live as if you’ll die today.” -selected

It’s still fresh to many the untimely death of an elite runner Ryan Shay, who died while running in a bid to qualify for the Olympics. He ran all his life, was physically fit before that tragedy happened and so the running community can’t believe the horrific ordeal that befell on this gifted man.

And so, I asked myself this question…what if I die while running?

First and foremost, I have no regrets in choosing this sports.

Running became my life and my day is not complete without it.

It’s better to die this way although God forbid it to happen. I still have so many plans, goals, books to read, races to join, kids to supervise…and countless of so many things to accomplish including my mission to share the GOOD NEWS.

However, death will visit us in God’s appointed time and no one knows  when it will be. And so before that day comes, let me share my thoughts on this issue before it’s too late…

If I die while running…

1. Don’t be sad. I’m in a better ‘place.’ While some will weep, I want the majority of you to rejoice because I started as a runner and died as a runner.

2. I want bloggers-runners to defend this sports we love because some unbelievers and skeptics  will antagonize our passion for running because of my death. Tell them that I’m alright and I wish that more runners will rise as a result of what had happened to me.

3. I wish that this blog will continue and hoping that a club carrying it’s name will emerge, so that there’s a continuity for my advocacy.

4. My remaing singlets and shoes should be given to any of my running friends, or to any worthy cause.

5. My body organs and parts must be donated to those in need.

And I want to see  my running friends to slowly jog, instead of walking or riding in their vehicles as they bring me to my final resting place.

And this writing will appear on my tombstone: “This man loves to run and so the Lord took him while running!” -runnerforchrist

God be Praised!




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28 08 2009

I share the same thought with you on #1, #4 and #5.

I even told my wife that when the time comes that God decides to take me home, I want lively, praise and worship songs be played during my wake…even on the funeral. Yes. just like you sir, I agree that death is something that we shouldn’t dread because at long last we’ll be able to see finally our dear Lord, face to face when that time comes. The earth is not our home, were just passing thru it. Our citizenship is in heaven. Indeed, lets pray that we’ll able to live this temporary, earthly life according to His will…lets all live a fruitful one.

God bless us all!

28 08 2009

If I should fall from grace with God
Where no doctor can relieve me
If I;m buried ‘neath the sod
But the angels won’t receive me

Let me go, boys (2x)
Let me go down in the mud
Where the rivers all run dry

Nice eh. Best running tune ever 🙂

28 08 2009

I have come across and read a lot of blog topics but this one surely is different. To think that Ray’s death was over a year already. What precipitated this topic?

28 08 2009

atty jon…I know that topic such as death (and religion) will not be pleasing to many (in fact it’s boring according to them) but the fact that it happens, 5 people die every second, this will align my perspective in life so that I can plan well my priorities. If that happened to Ryan or Ray?, it can happen to any runners as well including me, and so I posted a topic like this one…in advance. hehehe

Thanks for visiting! God bless.

28 08 2009

Nice one Cecil…Do you know that I often browse the Obituary section of major newspaper to read nice epitaph? This one is great, message so clear and unique.

Thanks for the visit.

28 08 2009

Alan…I’m so glad for your many comments here and I really appreciate them all. I wish to see you sometime. I believe you’re a mature Christian already, and you’re right, lively songs at the funeral, all Gospel songs by Hilsong, Carman, Michael W. Smith and even Maranatha singers.

God bless.

28 08 2009

Morbid thoughts but very aceptable. Its good to face reality in the face rather than avoiding the enevetable. regards

28 08 2009

I sure hope that it wouldn’t happen to you Sir Ronnie! But yes, agreed that realistically it can happen, even to the elite runners out there. I’ve always believed that if it’s your time, then it’s your time. Maybe that’s why I try to live my life to the fullest. Should any of us pass on during an actual run or race, I sure hope that we have made peace with our Maker beforehand. Quite the unconventional topic Sir Ronnie, but it sure got me thinking.


28 08 2009

I’m sure countless people have been blessed by this blog.
Hopefully our skeds would permit soon…to have fellowship and acquire some knowledge from a seasoned runner like you is a great opportunity.

God bless!

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