In Praise Of Late Bloomers!

30 08 2009
    I Like this quote I dislike this quoteI will never be an old man. To me, old age is always 15 years older than I am.

 -Francis Bacon, Sr.  (English Lawyer and Philosopher. 15611626)

 Ian Fleming began writing the James Bond series at age 45.

And so, this inspires me to write something about this topic and perhaps, encourage you not to write as Fleming does but to start a fluorishing career in running although you’re not young anymore.

My point here is, running has no age limit.

As a proof, I started running at age 37 but it took me 6 months before I really dedicated my life into it. But I have to admit that it will take me some more years before I can achieve my goal or best PR in this field. I have to accept the sad reality  regarding  my right leg, which was injured severely in a basketball game wayback in 2001, is still experiencing some pain while running at full speed at present. That right leg was literally ‘cemented’ for 32 days and has undergone major therapy before I was able to normally walk again. But I will continue to press on, spend more time in training and forget the past.

If I will just listen to some negative people around, I cannot be a runner. Focusing on that accident plus the fact that my age is somewhat no longer competitive as I started late, will only hamper my progress.

In our community, discrimination in age is obvious. You can see it in job employments where a certain age limit is required. In sports too, many great athletes in the past retired upon reaching the age of 35+.

But that is not true in running.

You can start at any age and stay as long as you want.

I have a friend who never competes in any racing events but everyday, you can see him running at his own pace and he started doing it at age 51. I am so impressed with his dedication.

For the record, the oldest marathoner who finished the Boston 42k Marathon was Pierre Jean Martin, at age 94 with a time of over 10 hours. But the oldest runner according to Guinness World record was Dimitrion Yourdanidis of Greece who finished the 42k in 7 hours and 33 minutes, at age 98!

However, the most successful oldest marathoner is generally considered to be Bhai Fauja Singh. He reportedly completed the London Marathon eight times, the last being when he was 97 years of age.


Bhai Fauja Singh… 

To all of you who started late in this sports, including me, here’s what I want to convey….

Cheers! We have a company.

God be Praised!




5 responses

31 08 2009

“I am an old man who will live until I die.” — Anselmo the mountain guide, in Ernest Hemingway’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls”

31 08 2009

count me in. man was born to run, and he will do it until his legs fail him.

31 08 2009
Luis Arcangel

Oh my, 97 years old? That’s an inspiration to all of us, um, younger runners out there hehe 🙂 Amazing! Nice read Sir Ronnie thanks for sharing!

2 09 2009

late bloomer man, may asim ka pa rin,

2 09 2009

kasali ata ako dito sa late bloomer. im already 36 =)

just started taking running seriously last year. wala na ako makalaro sa basketball na ka-age ko eh.

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