Race Report:SPTUSA 21k Race

30 08 2009

“I often lose  motivation, but it’s something I accept as normal.” -Bill Rodgers, Olympic Marathoner.

Last night, I called up Conrad and I told him I that can’t make it for today’s race. For yesterday was not a good day for me, my amoebiasis kept pestering me and  I felt I’m not ready for a 21k today. I’m weak, for my food was only rolled oats and banana so as not to aggravate my condition. But Conrad was so persistent and he gave me many motivating factors to run this race.

With the second thought that I might not be able to finish this race, we arrived in the Town Plaza of San Pedro Laguna at exactly 5am. However, some mess occured just before the race started.

My buddies and I were  wearing an Adidas KOTR blue singlet when the Officer of the Sptusa, approached Conrad and he admonished Conrad to wear their singlet. Conrad said he’s comfortable with Adidas but that Officer said even if he wins in the age category, it can be nullified for  not wearing their prescribed singlet.

Very disappointed with the way he was treated, Conrad walked-out and vowed never to join again in any Sptusa race.

As we lined-up to have our race bib number checked, again, another member of Sptusa said in front of me that those not wearing their singlet have no chance in any of the prizes. With that remarks, I said to that guy, “We are not going to wear your singlet, for it was only given only today and we have no time to recon it. It can make a possible painful scar on our tricep brachii.  If you want, we can all go home like Conrad did.” And that guy said that he’s only reminding us of the possible outcome to happen.

The route was hard. You have to run the following route: From San Pedro Town Plaza-San Vicente-Total Gasoline Station-Calendola-Southpeak-Rotonda-Alaska Plant-Puregold-Town Plaza and make it 2x.


1. Adequate manpower and water supply.

2. I have seen two  computers, first time in any San Pedro race.


1. Their singlet at the back has a big name of a candidate and free size only. I’m not endorsing any politicians especially in a singlet.

2.The approach made to Conrad by that Sptusa officer and later by another  guy  to me was preposterous and unreasonable. We paid a minimal amount and we have the rights to choose our own singlet to wear.

3. The race started late from 5:30 to 6:00am.

4. Both the 21k and the 10k participants ran at 6:00 am.

5. The original route was not followed. We trained for weeks running in Daang Hari, only to find out that it was altered with  different detours.

6. There were inconsistencies. A guy was given an award even if he’s not wearing their singlet. It’s unfair for Conrad!

There were only about some 30 runners for the 21k and the same quantity for the 10k. Since there were very few participants, some winners in the age category especially in the 10k event has no worthy  opponents. Some received their trophies/medals althought their time were not that impressive. As a matter of fact, many runners in the 21k event were able to subdue or overtook  those in the 10k in the first loop , meaning If  we joined in the 10k,  we could be included too in the top 3. Majority of the strong runners chose the 21k instead of 10k.

There were many uphills and two killer elevations for this race particularly in the Southpeak area.

I finished the first loop in 56.45 but my total time was 2 hours and 5 minutes. In my Heart Rate, the following data can be gathered: In zone 2.05, average hour 162, peak hour 184, minimum hour 95, total calories 1758, distance 21.2 kms.

I must say that I’m disappointed with the way those Officers treated us, especially the bad approach they’ve done to Conrad. It can be done with gentle words, for Conrad is 63 years old, maybe sensitive at his age and he felt he was humiliated.  

As I crossed the finish line, and after jogging some 200 meters or so, I saw the President of this Sptusa group and I voiced out my sentiment and my ire on  Conrad’s dilemma. He was nonetheless, apologetic. But the damaged has been done.

I have so many visitors who joined this race for I invited them to come and race with me here in my hometown now but next time, I will no longer entice them to participate. I regretted not running in Baguio City today or the GMA kapuso race.

Unless I change my mind, this race today here in San Pedro will be my last and I wish some of my friends will do the same.

Let’s run in a real race, sanctioned by PATAFA or to any recognized and reliable Race Organizers who will not impose to wear a singlet with a politician’s name at the back. I think  it’s not lawful to do that and there’s a law prohibiting any politicians who will run for office to use a modus operandi like this, am I right?


It’s 5am here.



Before the race..


After the race…



With one of the Fiesta Boys, Ultra-runner George aka Hi Den Kho!


Congrats Henry, for winning in your  age category with a decent time.

We will be having another race this coming Sunday, another 21k perhaps.

God be Praised!




One response

4 09 2009

Hi Ronnie. My wife and I were suppose to join this race as our first for the hometown. But we were turned-off with the guy who answered our inquiry. We agree with your disappointments.

Hopefully, we can run our first hometown race soon. Cheers!

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