My Other Obsession!

11 09 2009
Every night, I have to read a book, so that my mind will stop thinking about things that I stress about.

– Britney Spears  (American Singer. b.1981, Kentwood, Louisiana, USA)

Aside from running, reading will always be a part of my daily habit. I have a collection of so many books, dealing with varied topics.

While majority of us have no time in ‘reading’ due to being busy and hectic schedules, I’m devoting and disciplining myself in setting  aside  quality time everyday just to finish reading a book from cover to cover.

While at the mall, you can see me mostly in ‘bookstores’ searching for those valuable stuff. I’m not that so selective as long as the book appeals to me, I’ll buy it. However, my first preference if I have a choice, are those non-fiction  books paticularly  detective stories, comedy, classic, and the display of heroism and  endurance.

Elvis Presley once said, “When I was a child I was a dreamer. I read  books, and I was the hero of that book. Every dream I have ever dreamed has come true a thousand times., just by reading books.”

  It maybe  absurd that I’m  reading ‘In The Presence Of My Enemies’ just only now although it came out in the circulation sometime in 2002 already maybe because like the others, I have no time then or maybe I’m reading other books at that time. Nonetheless, it’s not yet too late to finish reading it.

Here are some of the  books that I bought last week, and hoping to finish reading it before the year ends.

1. Anyone You Want Me To Be- A true story of sex and death on the internet by John Douglas

2. Kiss Me, Kill Me And Other FBI True Cases-by Ann Rule

3. Flags Of Our Fathers- A true to Life War Story by James Bradley

4. Murder Machine- A true story of madness and the mafia by Gene Mustain

5. The Worst Journey In The World by Cherry Garrard

6. Explorations of the 8,000 meter Peaks of The Himalaya by Louis Sivalaya

7. Spy Catcher-The candid Autobiography of Senior Intelligence Officer by Peter Wright

8. Mindhunter- Inside the FBI Elite Serial Crime Unit by John Douglas

9. Goodbye Darkness-A memoir of the Pacific War by William Manchester

10. Quiet Neighbors-A True story of Prosecuting Nazi War Criminals In America by Allan Ryan Jr.

Ten new books. All True Stories.

I must keep running and reading.

God be Praised!

“An empty mind is a devil’s workshop.” -Our daily Bread









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