14 09 2009

My darling, this is a thrilling business altogether, I can’t tell you how it possesses me, and what a prospect it is. And the beauty of it all!” -George Leigh Mallory, in a letter to his wife upon reaching the Mount Everest, June 28, 1921, Into Thin Air

I’m almost done reading a wonderful book, Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer and all I can say is that this book is absolutely a  winner. The determination of those people to reach the pinnacle or the Summit of Mount Everest was superb and awesome, and as an Ultrarunner by heart, I can relate to their hardships and challenges along the way. Although they’re mountaineers, and I’m a runner, we’re almost applying the same principle -endurance and determination to reach the summit or the finish line.

It’s so tragic that many of them died during that journey. The summit was 29,028 feet above sea level, perhaps the tallest mountain in the world. The writer clearly wrote his experiences as he  trekked and conquered that gargantuan mountain.

I also learned in that book that to be able to conquer Mt. Everest, one must to pay a big amount of money to Nepalese or Chinese government, and a guide is a must known as sherpa to lead them on their route.

Same with runners, mountaineers really love this sports. And they are willing to risk their lives for it.

By the way, I already registered for the SCTEX and Pasig International Marathon, both 42k. Tomorrow, my SCTEX singlet and race packet will arrive, right here in the luxury of my home, with a vanity number 777. I’m so grateful for SCTEX Officer with a name Adi who really helped me.

And I’m also so thankful because my books arrived just in time. Meaning, I must read to finish them all…








Out of almost 800 books on sale, I chose these as my first priority to finish reading just before the year ends.

I also ran twice today..1 hour and 45 minutes this morning and another one hour from 5 to 6pm.

God be praised!




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16 09 2009

William Manchester’s classic book is “American Caesar” which is a biography of Douglas MacArthur. Lots of Philippine incidents in the book.

16 09 2009

Hi workaholicrunner…I’ll look for that. Thanks for the visit.

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