Comrades In Pain…

15 09 2009

The primary joy of life is acceptance, approval, the sense of appreciation and companionship of our human comrades. Many men do not understand that the need for fellowship is really as deep as the need for food, and so they go through life accepting many substitutes for genuine, warm, simple.” -Joshua Liebman


As I ran today, I wore my “Team HARDCORE” singlet which was given to me by Jonel aka Bugobugo. Some of my running buddies noticed it and they liked the design and the material. They were mesmerized too by the slogan written in front and at the back. In front, you can read “TEAM HARDCORE” No frills, all thrills! And at the back, “Comrades In Pain.” There’s also a very nice adage at the bottom, the message so astounding only real Ultrarunners can appreciate.

The first time I encountered Bugobugo was in the Yakult 10 miler in the last quarter of 2008. He was running then with another friend of mine, Ultrarunner George Dolores. Then Bugobugo became my classmate in BDM102 and TNF100. I have known him to be a great runner with a big heart. I have seen him too in so many races and while in Milo Baguio City last August 2009, I saw him wearing a hardcore singlet. I said that it was a nice singlet, and he replied if I wanted to have one, and I said, “Yes. Will it be alright?”

COMRADES IN PAIN! -what a lovely words. Those Ultrarunners who are members of this group can attest that running an ultramarathon is not a piece of cake. We need comrades to back us up. We need special forces just in case. In conquering a 100k or more, no man is an island. Ultrarunners may  have different outlook in life but they share the same passion and devotion-that love for running longer miles and conquering absurd and unfamiliar places. By doing so, we became one. We’re no longer rivals or opponents-but brothers and comrades, sometimes in pleasure but most of the times, in pain. If there’s a string that can bind us, it’s our love for running and our desire to go beyond our limit, exploring uncharted territory by all means, even in great pain.

Go TEAM HARDCORE! Let’s  aspire  to train better and run harder.





This singlet was made from Botak and can be used in practices as well as in races.


God be Praised!




6 responses

15 09 2009

you know what you are made of if you finish a 100-km ultrarun. that is the reason why ultrarunners have a very distinct bonding with one another. see you soon!

15 09 2009

you make a good model ronnie.thank you for your kind words.what else can i say?see you on the road my comrade.

15 09 2009
gie latorre

sir, what a nice crosstraining shirt,by the way is that available commercially or we need to be a hard runner just to avail it. by the way were doing the same thing, just train hard in order to attain best pr time. running ultramarathon is my next target,although i train for full marathon. just enjoy running.

16 09 2009

Hi BR…Like band of brothers,we became one. And I really admire all Ultrarunners…God bless.

16 09 2009

jonel…glad to know you. Keep it up.

16 09 2009

Hi gielatorre…thanks for the visit. I’ll update you regarding your question…God bless.

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