Extra Mile!

15 09 2009

I expect to pass through this world but once; any good thing therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now; let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.” -Stephan Grellet

“How much will I pay for the 42k event?” I asked that female staff of Chris Sports last Sunday in Festival mall Alabang when I registered for the Subic International Maratahon. “Sir, if you have a smart sim, just pay P250” was her reply. I handed her my Nokia N70 and showed her my Smart postpaid plan. As I gave her my payment, she explained that the race packet and singlet were not yet available and she will send me sms or call me if I can already pick-up those stuff. I said no problem. She gave me a receipt and then I went my way.

As I sipped my ‘tall raspberry mocha’ at the Starbucks, out of curiosity, I sent an sms to Jonel aka Bugobugo and I asked him if he had already registered in Subic International Marathon (SIM). He said yes, and he had with him the race packet and singlet at that time. Unknown to me, the SIM personnels  put up a booth in the Master’s Run, and those who filled-up the registration forms  can get the singlet and race packet on the spot. Unfortunately, those participating shops at the malls like Chris sports etc. must have to wait for the distribution of singlets and race packets.

As I scanned my receipt, written  therein were 2 smart sim numbers as contact persons for the said event, Adi and Chona. I tried to call them but to no avail. So I decided to sent an sms, not expecting a reply because that was Sunday afternoon, “Hi Chona and Adi, I registered today for the 42k SIM race here in Chris Sports in Festival Mall Alabang, but no race packet or singlet was given to me. May I ask, when will you give it? Ty”-runnerforchrist

To my amazement, I received a quick and prompt reply, “Hi runnerforchrist, thank you for joining the SIM. I will ask someone to deliver your race packet and singlet, please text to me the details where we can deliver it. Sorry for the inconvenience of not getting your race packet once you registered. Do you want a vanity number? “-adi

Wow! Total customer service satisfaction. With an Organizer like this, I cannot imagine myself not joining this race. I’m only asking when can I  get my race bib/singlet in Chris Sports, and yet, as a true professional, he will ask someone to  deliver it in my home address. With an additional vanity number of my choice!

And today, I received it thru LBC.

That’s an EXTRA-MILE for Sir Adi delos Reyes, and with that-I salute him not only because he rendered  to me an  exemplary  service but he treated me like I’m special. My first time to receive a singlet/race packet thru LBC, and I’ll treasure this race.

May the Lord continually enlarge your territorial boundaries, Sir Adi delos Reyes and I wish that some Organizers will imitate your style and copy your legacy.

I’ll be praying for the success of that SIM event.


God be Praised!



5 responses

16 09 2009

ronnie, that is what i call “service par excellence”. i first met adi during the media launching of the SMART SIM at the Dusit Hotel and since then we were in constant contact through cp calls & SMS. his quality service and acceptance of suggestions & ideas for the SIM made us closer and that’s the reason why i came up with a post endorsing their marathon race. see you on this race!

16 09 2009

you have a very nice bib number bro. ronnie. see you there, I wouldn’t be running, I will just be a support for my husband and some friends. I will pray and cheer for you. 🙂

19 09 2009
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21 09 2009

Bro. ronnie, I also registered last week at Chris Sports in Festival Mall. The race packet is not available and I was not issued any receipt. I called Sir Adi to inquire about it. He was very kind enough to assure me that he’ll deliver the race packet to our house. Since I usually go to Festival Mall during weekends I just asked him to deliver it at Chris Sports. Customer support at its best!!!

21 09 2009

Hi Molly..that’s the ‘man’..I’ve met him. thanks for the visit.

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