Can You Be Blind?

18 09 2009

“Everyone in life is looking for a certain rush, racing is where I get mine.” -John Trautmann

I was absent from blogging yesterday, reason? I’m hooked in reading, “Quiet Neighbors”-a riveting authoritative true account of Nazi War Criminals who emigrated to America under assumed identities and who were living a quiet and prosperous lives already. The author, Allan Ryan Jr, led the investigations, of how those criminals came in the USA, forty years after their crimes.

In one of the trials, I cannot control my emotion and I cried. It was when the cruel and sadist, John Demjanjuk aka Ivan The Terrible who was responsible for the killings of at least 1,200,000 Jews by means of gas chamber and torture in the worst place on earth at that time, Treblinka, finally was brought for a trial. This animal, who was now living in America by forging his identity   met one survivor, to testify against him. Here in this part, the defense lawyer was trying to destroy the witness’s  credibility, but it boomeranged later.

“When you were transferred to Camp 2 about three days after arriving in Treblinka, did you observed this fellow you call Ivan?”

“No, I was blinded.”

“When you say ‘blinded’, did you have some problems with your eyes?”

“No. Only that they murdered us.”

“When you say you were blinded, would you explain that, please?”

“Yes. No person cannot imagine what Treblinka was. It’s possible that a normal person can see with his eyes. This bandit came over to a mother when she was naked and had her naked child, and he tore the child out by his legs and killed it by smashing in the wall.”

And that survivor looked at the defense Attorney and said, “Can you be blind?”

The defense Attorney changed the subject.

And I went in the bathroom to rinse my face, as it was flooded out by tears. I cannot control it, maybe because there was a child involved and as a father, God forbid it to happen right before my  eyes. But during those times, you have no choice, and we’re so fortunate we’re living in the present times, not in 1940’s, one of the darkest years in history.

What was so remarkable about that witness, was that, in the concentration camp, he was always praying that God could spare his life. And during the trial, he said, “I always begged God that I should have the privilege to tell the world how they annihilated us…”

I highly recommend this book so that we can be thankful that although there are so many problems in our country, economically and financially, it can’t be compared with their hardships back then, only because they were JEWS!

quiet neighbors

Well, see you tomorrow in the Rotarun 21k race. My small group of 6 will be there. Special thanks to Bugobugo, Jinoe ( and Ian Alacar for making this race possible.

God be Praised!





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19 09 2009

see you tomorrow!

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