Adjusting The Sails! (Rotarun Recap)

20 09 2009

We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.”- Dolly Parton (Popular American country Singer and Actress, born 1946)

One of the true marks of being a responsible Organizer is his ability to adjust if there are valid comments or suggestions. And so, I would like to commend the Organizer of the Rotarun race yesterday, my classmate in the Bataan 102 and also the  Organizer of Botak100 (in which I also joined), Ultrarunner Ian Alacar for his quick and prompt action with regards to my four running buddies who have no records for yesterday’s race (Please read my previous post, The 21k Less).

And so, the names of my companions will appear on the list of Official Result just like this:


4636 Jun Moslares 36.29 (must be included in the top10)

4637 Allan Limpiahoy 49.25


8411 Henry de Castro 1.22 (qualified for the Milo Finals with 3.43 time)

8410 Elvis Reyes 1.43

Runners do not aspire for something big during a race, just to be given a fair and decent time as the fruit of their hard labor during practice and to be seen on the Official Race result is enough for them to rejoice. And with that, this issue was settled. It’s now water under the bridge!

Again, thank you Ian for a job well done. This act of yours means ‘good news’ to my running buddies.



Henry and Allan.



With Allan


with Allan



With Mark, Baldrunner and Adi delos Reyes of SIM. (I’ve finally met him in person, he’s larger than life.) Photo taken by  Jonel aka Bugobugo.

Also, this race was well organized, with galore of water supply (Vittwater, Pocari Sweat) and lot of freebies. I also enjoyed participating in one game after the race, thus, I’ve won a glass of Gloria Jeans coffee. Some got Timex Ironman watch but the most fortunate guy was Coach Titus Salazar of Team Baldrunner who joined the ‘Battle of the Lungs’ and eventually proclaimed as  the winner. His price? A Polar watch.

I also saw  familiar faces like Rod aka Roadrunner, Vener aka rununlmtd, Sam aka runningninja, Ultrarunner Caloy Nobleza and his wife, Fhar, and the rest of the Team Hardcore and many others.

I also conversed with Rene aka Jazzrunner  and I finally received a vanity race bib for the QC marathon. Thank you Rene.

So, my hands are full of three 42k next month (QCIM, SIM and Pasig) and LSD as dry run for the QCIM, making it four.

Wow! grabe…so many nice races, so little time.

I call it passion rather than addiction.

As Lord Byron says,

Passion is the element in which we live; without it, we hardly vegetate.

God be Praised!





13 responses

21 09 2009

ronnie, your running-buddies are very fast! nice pictures & i’ll grab our group picture with adi. thnaks!

21 09 2009


21 09 2009

do not forget milo 42k partner. four marathons and a half. adidas kotr21.

21 09 2009

S’ Jovie, just like me, my buddies do not have formal training in running, only passion and desire to join races. I’m encouraging them to join Ultra too, possibly BDM102 part2.

21 09 2009

Comrade, I’m bracing myself up for those incoming challenges (4.5) this coming October and November. And on December, our LSD in Kennon Rd to Ambuklao, and another 42k in Condura before the 2nd part of BDM102.

21 09 2009
doc lyndon

“One of the true marks of being a responsible Organizer is his ability to adjust if there are valid comments or suggestions. ”

“Also, this race was well organized, with galore of water supply (Vittwater, Pocari Sweat) and lot of freebies. ”

Thanks for the positive comment. Good luck on your future races.

May i make a correction. It is Seattle’s Best and not Glorai Jeans…….. hehehehe


21 09 2009

Thanks doc lyndon for the correction, yeah, it SB…baka magalit sakin ang sponsor na yan hehehe thanks for visiting God bless.

21 09 2009
Coach Salazar

wow pastor,
team bald runner got the most win of the day ha? even the other side event contest (lung busting contest).
nice post.
tGbtg Amen? ptL

21 09 2009
Sam The Running Ninja

Glad to see you Ronnie. See you again on Sunday 21km at NB!

21 09 2009

Coach Salazar…it’s nice to see you at the other side of the fence, humming and not just running! You did a great job specially in the former,winning a Polar hahaha. Congrats again to Team Baldrunner…Keep it up!

21 09 2009

Sam, I was not able to register early in the Nb21 and last Saturday, it’s already closed. Just run for me…

22 09 2009

it was nice meeting you in person boss ronnie! =)

see you in future races! God Bless!!!

22 09 2009

It was nice meeting you too Rod, glad to see you again God bless.

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