The 21k-Less…

20 09 2009

“Tell the truth, and run.” -Yugoslav Proverb


I have two major concerns for today’s race, the Rotarun event.

First, the distance for the 21k was not accurate, for it’s only about 17.5 to 18k. Although the announcement was made after the race when maybe, some  runners reported it (including myself), it cannot alter the fact that this race robbed us some 3 kilometers and it cannot therefore be called a 21k race. This was my first time to experience a big discrepancy in terms of distance. My training, preparation and expected result were not met, therefore, a big disappointment for  whomsoever was responsible for the 21k distance. If detected earlier, the missing 3k should be compulsary added on some part of the route. I heard they encountered some problems but I think they too must find a way to prevent such kind of a mishap, but please, don’t give us ‘a longer or a shorter distance’ of upto 3 kms. That was too much or too short and it can defeat the ultimate  purpose of running a 21k. A real runner knows how to respect a distance.

My time was 1.49.58, am satisfied, but not happy for I knew it was not a 21k.

Second, for my group. I’m really concerned for what had happened to them. I have 4 companions for this race..Henry, Allan, Elvis and Jun. I reserved for them and they paid  this morning before the race. However, Jun knew he was included in the top 10 for the 10k category because the runner behind him was at the 9th place in the awarding ceremony, but his name was not called. Reason? When they paid the registration fee of  P200, the staff doesn’t give them registration forms, so they’re not included in the official’s list of runners. Also, it’s expected that none of my friend’s name will appear in the Official result due to  that big error. It was Allan who jokingly said while we were at the bus going home, “We were  all ‘cholorum’ for this race, except Ronnie.”

To my running buddies, I apologized. I was at Mcdo to get my race packet. I thought Allan knew what to do when I introduced him to the Organizer. Do not worry, let’s charge it to experience.

God be Praised!




4 responses

21 09 2009

days before the race, i knew the distance will not cover 21K and i knew there will be a traffic of runners along the route. i am sorry for your group, i guess, the organizers had problems also with the awarding due to registration problems. i read also in one of the blogs that the “road race thieves” strike again in a secured paid parking area! well, that’s the “usual problems” we have to deal with but if the race event management and the race directors could have a good plan and rehearse their event, these problems would be minimized or avoided. nice seeing you yesterday!

21 09 2009

I’m reserving for my last kick, only to find out that the race was about to reach its end…thanks for the input.

22 09 2009

That is indeed disappointing that the race was not as advertised. Given your pace, it looks like you probably would have finished in around 2:07 for a real half marathon … very good time.

22 09 2009

Workaholicrunner…my best time for 21k was 1.50, but that was long ago before my 3 Ultramarathons. Now I do have a hard time coming back, one of the many bad sides of Ultra-running. It made me slower. Thanks for the visit.

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