The Positive/Negative Sides Of Being An Ultra-runner

23 09 2009

“Damage assessment at that point was a slightly bleeding groin rash, a chapped butt crack, some type of minor foot sprain, and two blackened big toe nails! Not too bad, I thought.” -Mark Crisman after finishing the 2007 Rocky Raccoon 160k Run

Real runners will always aspire for something bigger and more daring racing events. Let’s say, after finishing a 42k, ultra-running will always be on top of the list.

But why explore this fearsome uncharted territory? Why not just settle in being just a recreational or a seasonal runner?

Here are some reasons why we must try to conquer an ultramarathon (100k and above) at least once in our lifetime…

1. To really test our limit. A 42k is short and lacking and a 100k is just enough to know your capacity.

2. To join the ‘few elites’. Nowadays, it’s but normal and common to finish a 42k, but only few have the privilege to subdue a 100k. Do you want to be one of  them?

3. Gain a respect from yourself and your buddies. It can boost your morale further and you will have more running friends than before.Some will go to you for advice and still others will admire you.

4. You will be called not just a runner or a marathoner but an Ultra-runner. In a secular studies, it’s almost the same as having a Doctoral Degree. Sounds good? Now, if you can finish 50 or more Ultra-marathons, your title name now will be ‘mega ultra-runner.’

5. You will  love running ‘more and deeper’ than ever before.

How about the negative sides?

1. Nothing. Blisters were common as well as those slight injuries. Runner’s blues will not last. it can only make us a little bit slower but ‘not bad’ after all.

Let’s conquer places and run longer.

God be Praised!






7 responses

24 09 2009
rick gaston

Check this story out Ronnie. Crazy that they got lost but their strength and endurance helped keep them alive. I guess you can say that one of the negative things is getting lost, one of the positives – being strong.

24 09 2009

In the inner sanctum of the Western ultrarunners, the “real” ultrarunner is someone who has finished a race of 50 miles or 80 kilometers. So 50 miles and beyond. The reason for this, I am not sure. Maybe a mere 50K is almost a marathon in distance?

I like it when you said “Doctoral Degree”. Haha. Seriously, we’ll be seing more runners crossing over to ultra. But I do hope all ultra runners will be closer because there are only a few of us around here. See you in Subic!

24 09 2009

Hey Rick, why do I have this eerie feeling that there is more to the story than what we have allegedly been told so far? Wait and see, I guess.

24 09 2009

Hi Rick…I’ll check that later and it seems, a great story. Thanks for the input too.

24 09 2009

Atty. Jon…That ‘Doctoral Degree’ thing is only my idea hehehe but I’ll not make it as a ‘rule or a law’. It can be a debatable topic, but one thing is sure: All Ultra-runners who have made it in the finish line within the cut-off period can say proudly that they graduated from a very tough course….Thanks again for the visit and Congrats for your ‘Grandslam.’

24 09 2009
Coach Salazar

love conquers all, we embrace the sports of running even to the point of being prone to some enjuries as we veture to this ultra distances. amen?

28 09 2009

1 Corithians 13:13 says that ‘love conquers all’ and you’re right. Thank you Coach for the visit.

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