Support Hard Core’s ‘TKO’ This Coming Sunday…

30 09 2009

Let me post this very important message from a dear friend of mine, my team mate, comrade in pain…Jonel Mendoza aka Bugobugo…

team hardcore in cooperation with runradio (nu107, fridays, 9-10pm)  and the generics pharmacy is making its enduruns 4.5.5 (4 full and 2 half marathons)and laguna lake 200k marathon relay a fund-raising event.the runs will be collectively called TKO 250.

enduruns and the laguna race will total 250 particular, these are the races that the team will run; october 11 milo42, october 18 qcim im42, october 24 sim42, october 25 adidas21, november 8 pim42, november 15 timex21, november 28-29 laguna lake 200 (each runner of the 5-man team will do 40k).

for every kilometer we will do, a  prospective donor will be asked to donate 1 peso thus making it 250 pesos as his is most welcome if you give more than that amount. all donors/donations will be published later.

i am thinking of marikina at the moment as the main beneficiary given the number of victims in that area.if you have other beneficiaries in mind,let me know.i intend to purchase medicines (at cost from the generics pharmacy plus more extra freebies from the franchise owner, harry ongsun) and/or mineral water and give the same to the beneficiaries as early as  monday,  october 6.

team hc shall put up a collection station at the parking lot behind rox during the octoberun on october 4 at the fort. a team hc tarpaulin will be in place for easy location.

i pray that you my fellow runners will heed this call.if we don’t mind paying for our registration fees and much more for our running stuff, there is no reason that we can’t give a little bit in aid of our fellow filipinos.

this is a non-partisan endeavor so everybody is welcome to pitch in.and if any runner or groups want/s to join us in segments or the whole 250k,you are most welcome as have the run schedules above.

we will give ondoy a good run for our money.

please pass the word. thank you and God bless you.

see you at the starting line.

I’ll definitely be there, at the booth, after finishing my race.

God be Praised!




One response

30 09 2009

Hey, I found your blog in a new directory of blogs. I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, anyway cool blog, I bookmarked you. 🙂

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