Finishing A Race Will Always Be At God’s Mercy!

12 10 2009

“I pretty much know how to train, but I need to pay more attention to smaller details, like recovering better, and to the signs my body gives, whether it’s fatigued or ready for more mileage on a given week.” -Deena Kastor, American record holder in Marathon 2:19:36

“Give yourself a break”, this was my doctor’s admonition today.It’s a sad news for me, considering we’re having a TKO project.

Pain was common for a marathoner but yesterday’s agony was different. I accidentally stumbled upon a pea sized stone somewhere in Mckinnley area and my right foot landed badly. Within minutes, I felt some indescribable pain due to swelling and at Km 25, I decided to stop and inspect my right foot. When Romy saw it, he advised me not to continue the race so we took  a taxi ride going back to Quirino grandstand to retrieve our belongings.

Prior to that, I’m having some great time with my companion Romy, (my supposed to be co-pacer for the QCIM) and we’re doing a 7.14 min/km pace in preparation for this Sunday’s big event, the QCIM. Our conversation was all about our TNF100’s quest, typhoon Ondoy and how it affected Romy’s family and our game plan for the QCIM. As we reached km 21, my HRM watch showed 2 hours and 20 minutes and we’re glad because we were able to maintain our tempo very near at 7.14 min/km. Then all of a sudden, that incident happened.

I know i can still push myself up to to the finish line, but I don’t want to aggravate further  my injury. Besides, as an official pacer for the QCIM, I want to give them a satisfying performance.

Although my doctor said, “No, skip your 42k this coming Sunday”, I will defy all odds and hoping I could recover and finish all the TKO’s future events.

However, I still have until Wednesday to assess everything.

To all  my co-hardcore runners who participated in last Sunday’s Milo 42k…thank you and nice seeing you all!

Sorry too for I was not able to make it.

Isko sent me sms as he told me they’re waiting for me at the finish line.

That day was not my day and I’m responsible for my defeat.

It was  a very nice race, well organized with the addition of timing chip, first time in Milo’s history. No wonder those cheaters can no longer manipulate Milo’s system, unlike before.

It was also unfortunate that my photographs for this event were damaged and I can’t post not even a single souvenir. My N70 inside my hydration belt was affected as I poured some water on my frail body during the race. I forgot to put that gadget inside a resealable plastic bag as my usual practice.

I’m also disheartened for my other running buddy, Henry de Castro, whose best time during the elimination 3.43 was not met, and he DNF only at km 21. He had no plan of joining this race because for two weeks, he had no training. His house in San Pedro Laguna was still submerged in water due to Ondoy’s wrath. For 2 weeks, he fixed his house, digging, cleaning, toiling. As I convinced him finally, we travelled at exactly 1:30am and walked all the way from UN avenue to Quirino Grandstand. Later, after the race…he told me he can’t bear his stomach’s pain anymore, hunger and poo, and decided to have a graceful exit.

But Henry will bounce back, I knew. A hardworking athlete, a true warrior. Last Sunday, was not our day.

But I still thank Him for His protection. It could  be more damaging than this, were so fortunate after all.

Injury, though painful and humiliating, will keep my feet on the ground.

It will remind me always that without God’s protection and strength, finishing a race will always be at God’s mercy.

“In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God.”

God be Praised!




4 responses

13 10 2009

Just get up and rise. There will always be another race. Good luck during QCIM and above all, HAVE FUN!

13 10 2009

don’t worry! there are other marathon races in the coming days. it was nice seeing you again at the starting line. good luck!

13 10 2009
14 10 2009
cesar a.k.a. rockandrun12

give yourself a break man. the best formula in finishing a race of any distance is to listen to your body you have to make sure that halfway you don’t feel any pain not even a light scratch or itch in any part of your body for towards the end it will likely multiply and get to your nerves breaking down the drive that will bring you past the fihish line take it from me i run 42’s without benefit of an evening sleep before a race but my best times were last year as a bandit at 3 56 and this year at 3 50 and i’m all ready for sunday’s qcim
recovery is king in our craft rest train nutrition and train rest and train bawi tayo next race i myself fear that one day i might drop dead with this odd habit of running long distance without resting first but i have my spirit and my the lord on my side i can do everything i always make it a point to give whatever glories i have to him!

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